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    Geass Information & Creation Rules


    Geass Information & Creation Rules

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    Geass Information

    Geass is a mysterious ability which certain people(former Geass users themselves) can bestow upon others. Those who give Geass are immortal, regenerate quickly, The form the Geass takes is different in each individual. It is called, by those who give Geass, 'the Power of the King'. It is represented by a glowing, bird-shaped symbol.

    Every Geass has its own unique set of restrictions, limitations, or idiosyncrasies. These factors allow a Geass to be defeated, or its power limited, by someone who is aware of its characteristics. All Geass abilities have strengths and weaknesses and manifests it's power based on the desires of the person being granted Geass. When active, the Geass symbol appears in the corresponding eye.

    The power of Geass increases with use, usually starting in one eye. Most forms eventually spread to both eyes and become uncontrollable with repeated use. At this point, after reaching it's full potential, the one who granted the power can relinquish his or her immortality to the recipient, allowing the recipient to continue the cycle—forcibly if the giver desires—while the giver is allowed to die. The immortality is referred to as the giver's "Code," and grants the person immunity to Geass at the cost of their original power.

    The Geass from the Nightmare of Nunnally uses the same sigil, but it appears on the forehead when active. It has no particular limit to what it can manifest as. However, this type of Geass is obtained via cell transplant from a person with a "Code". When the Geass is active, the implanted cells will become active and start to strain and overtax the body, eventually leading to the complete degeneration of the body.
    Its effects are countered through the use of suppressants that also limit the effects of the Geass. A neutralizer can be applied to temporarily cancel out the effects of the suppressants and allow the Geass to function at full potential. However, Geasses that directly affect combat tax the body faster than a supportive Geass. When in this state, the bird-shaped symbol is permanently present and glows when the Geass is in use.

    Furthermore(under NoN type), there is a sub-category of beings known as "Magical Dolls"(or just Dolls), their naming reflects immortals(people with the "Code") being called Witches. They are formed from a Witch who willingly separates cells from their body to form one. It is "slaved"(subordinate) to the Witch that creates it and cannot oppose him/her unless allowed. They are only visible to Witches and the character they are apart of.
    The Doll can only interact with the physical world only when they possess their host's body with their host's agreement, otherwise they can only talk with their host. However, they can also automatically possess their host if their host is in a mental state that is aligned to. Their body and form is pretty much immortal and resembles their host except in hair and eye color. If the host is handicapped, the Doll's form is not and will restore the functions when in possession. But the host is still present but only can dictate the limitations and/or required actions of the Doll and can communicate only with the Doll. Possession lasts only as long as the host's will/wish is in effect. Also, only when the Doll is in possession, is the Geass usable. In addition, the body does not suffer the drawbacks that standard NoN Geass users do Instead, they exhaust, it depends on how heavily used was the Geass, the host when possession ends. They have a bird-shipped symbol on their forehead at all times and it glows when their Geass is in use.

    Creation Rules

    Your Geass can be LIKE, not exactly, the same as the Geass any of the canon characters have.
    If you have one that is in effect the same, it would be weaker than others in a Geass vs Geass showdown. This excludes Geasses based off the ones from the Code Geass manga Nightmare of Nunnally.
    Geass can be given either by S.S or M.M. if not associated with The Geass Directorate. By V.V. if associated with the Geass Directorate.
    NoN Standard Geass will/would require a detailed explanation on how your character obtained it if not associated(or previously so) with the Geass Directorate.
    NoN Doll Geass will/would require a detailed explanation on how your character met and obtained Geass along with the Doll's reflection of what part of the character's emotions. They cannot be Britannians and must have their own Geass-Type Knightmare. The Do

    Note: In a one on one between the two types, the anime type is superior in it's basic form to a limited NoN type. However, a NoN type without its limiter is equivalent to the fully developed version of the anime type.

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