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    Forum Rules


    Forum Rules

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:35 pm

    The fairly simple rules:

    1. No God Modding.
    2. No killing or playing as other people's character's without their permission/consent.
    3. Please try to avoid extra short one liner posts(except in spam area and certain other designated areas) even if it's a battle/fight post since there is alot you can do to make it better(details, elaboration, etc).
    4. No flaming
    5. Keep Spam in the Spam section.
    5. Material must be appropriate for all audiences(more or less).
    6. Have Fun.
    7. Contribute & Make things interesting!
    8. Try not to leave people stuck in the middle of an event for too long.
    9. Please stay on topic
    10. Don't flood the Chatbox.
    11. Please use proper English, or at least try, so everyone can understand(for Chatbox see #13).
    12. Please make your english as understandable as possible in the Chatbox.
    13. Characters/Knightmare Frames require the approval of two mods and/or admins or just one admin.
    14. You can have multiple characters(up to five) but may not have multiple accounts(unless approved of). Sub-character do not count(see 16 for more information on them).
    15. To further the cause of the rp's enjoyability , the administrators will control a small to medium number of mob units, which unlike the player character or units can be destroyed at will, you may request to an admin to temporarily put a small force under your control if it is necessary , however note that this will probably subject to extermination by other characters so you best not become attached to them, you will be allowed to make a case as to why or how you need this unit, if you are able to state more points or points that are MORE VALID than the administrator's you shall receive it.
    16. In the case you need a certain unit, you can also have Sub-Characters who are supporting characters who are a cross between a NPC and a player controlled character. They cannot be better than the main he/she is subordinate to, unless supporting another character(or in possession of something far superior than the main he/she is attached to which you would need to explain). The Sub-Character can play a supporting role for a character or substitute for the character he/she is subordinate to if that character is out of action.
    17. If a Sub-Character is both a player controlled character and a NPC, then it is a Special Sub-Character and does count towards max character limit. Sub-Character limit on ranking still applies.
    18. If your character has Geass, you will likely need a good example of your character using his/her Geass in a situation(under Geass section), unless exempted by a admin(which is only if it is detailed and is correctly done).
    19. If you are creating an organization, please make sure you give others some method of creating one still as to not block out an entire section of feasible groups.
    20. PM/E-mail/leave a message on the Q&A section/, if you need help and/or a question answered.

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