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    Marionette (Eternal's Geass)


    Marionette (Eternal's Geass)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:11 am

    Name of Geass: Marionette

    Type: Anime

    How did you get it: From V.V. when Eternal was put into the Geass Directorate as a Test Subject.

    Power/Ability: Must have eye contact with the victim, cannot use any reflective surfaces or anything else. Maximum range for activation is 1.5 meters.

    Has no effect on unwilling Geass Users. Cannot be used on those with the "Code" and dead people. There is no time limit nor maximum effectiveness for willing victims, complete control over the body. If a person cannot think, or think clearly, then it is assumed that they are willing.

    Unwilling victims are affected in three stages, varying on the Geass's power and the strength of their will(the stronger the more needed).
    -Stage 1 is limited to a single hour of control and no internal body control. (People with a moderate will or stronger; Also Current Stage)
    -Stage 2 is limited to twelve hours of control and some internal body control. (People with a moderately weak will)
    -Stage 3 is limited to a whole day, twenty-four hours, of control and complete internal body control. (Only to people with little to no will.)

    The victim is robbed of their control over their only body, minus their voice. The victim can be given orders mentally, which turns to a unconscious movement on the part of the victim, or it can be given verbally. Victim retains all memories of the time affected.

    All internal body control effects are retained but any injury sustained/remaining after the Geass wears off will be left as it is.
    'Internal body control' refers to aging, regeneration of body parts(excluding the head but including the brain), recovery from deathly injuries/wounds and diseases.

    However, for aging it is only suspended, while reverse aging is an equally slow process, as its speed is determined by the person's will for it and nutrition.

    If a person cannot think then it is assumed that they're ok with it.
    For regeneration and recovery, both require heavy amounts of energy(food consumption) and time based on the person's will.
    Unwilling victims can be killed through beheading them.Those who are willing cannot be killed through beheading but rather through the complete(no missed parts) destruction of their brain.

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