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    "Esther Chrom Ritter"


    "Esther Chrom Ritter"

    Post  Strike-Zero on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:47 am

    Alias: Esther Chrom Ritter
    Code Name: Raven 00/Valkyrie 02/Phoenix Rein-Zero
    Age: Appears 16 but looks and seems older; Appears 21 but seems a bit younger; Appears 18/19.
    Gender: Female
    Height(inch/feet): 5' 9.5"
    Weight(pounds): ??? Varies.
    Hair style/length: See pics
    Eye Color: See pics.
    Occupation: Sword-Wielding Miko(Shrine Maiden)/"Trump Card"/"Wild Card"
    Allegiance: N/a
    Beliefs/Ideals: N/a
    Nationality: "Japanese" (1/4 Japanese/Chinese/Britannian/European)
    "Normal" Appearance:
    "Valkyrie" Appearance:
    "Phoenix" Appearance:
    Personality: Secretive and calm. Ignores haters and such unless in battle in which her combat thinking takes over. Is fiercely loyal & devoted beyond all reason. Is very sensible though and mature. Judges situations before deciding whether or not tolerating working with those with different loyalties. Will not kill if the situation no longer calls for it unless told to by who she is loyal to. Like a "lone wolf" lost from its "pack"

    History: On the record, Esther was born in Tokyo in 2025 atb. Both her parents died in an accident when she was 4 and she had no relatives to take her in. Thus she ended up in a orphanage, one that tried to get the children out to schools that would also provide room and board. Esther learned quickly and performed above most of the other children in the orphanage and was the best child in the orphanage at age 6 due to the older and much better children already having been taken in by schools and academies.

    She was accepted by a small, quite unknown, but said to be a decently good school in Britannia, the mainland specifically. Interestingly enough, students in the school disappeared after four years or so from transferring in, and none resurfaced from there, but then again all of the students there were under its custody. Esther disappeared after her four years there as well. She was 10 then.

    Esther reappeared at a different place two years later. She reappeared at a academy, also in mainland Britannia, but was different a little. Both her hair and eye color had changed but nothing else. The academy was in a decline, and as such gave priority to its best students. Esther scaled her way up the academic ladder there, reaching the top of her grade in three months. She worked hard and was well liked by her teachers but disdained by her classmates who weren't at the top. Three years later the academy closed down. She was 15 then.

    She transferred back to Japan and attended Zero Academy. Her educational background and ethnicity drew criticism and hatred from her fellow Japanese. Esther ignored them and focused on her education, spending her free time practicing or studying other subjects not taught in school. By the second month of her return to Japan, all of her teachers hated her as well. At the end of her first year at Zero Academy she was driven out of the dorms.

    Esther wandered around and eventually arrived at a temple nearby the school. It had been established sometime after the war and took in those like Esther, prosecuted by their own people for things that they had no hand in. She took up position as a shrine maiden there while attending school still. She didn't talk much with the others there but did her duties diligently and was respected for that. Her sweet voice, like a nightingale, helped attracted visitors and increase the temple's popularity.

    Her second and third years at Zero Academy were no different from her first year, other than her classmates spiraled down the road of forgetting she was even there. Even the teachers forgot she was there and simply marked her present even if she was out. She stayed at the top of her class both years as well. However, when she graduated, they refused to admit her as a top student but the exact opposite instead. She was 18 by her graduation.

    Esther returned to the temple where she was living and took up occupation there while studying with books and other things she could find. She kept herself in physically good shape and condition. She continued running the temple until the Britannian re-invasion where it was destroyed. She had happened to be out when it happened. She gathered her remaining possessions and left the temple after performing her final duties there.

    Esther has a voice that sounds like a nightingale's. She is capable of singing and is constantly practicing since she is not really good at it. She is also not very skilled or talented in other musical arts. However, she is decent at art and her cooking is fair. She is also working on improving her cooking, which often turns out burnt or worse when she tries to do so. Similar results occur when she tries her best or to make meals for others.

    She is deftly skilled with/in the sword, thrown weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, archery, and pistols. She is regarded as a genius in both the sword and hand-to-hand combat. Her archery and pistol skills are fast or accurate but not a perfect mix of the two. Esther is physically fit, great stamina, agile, and seemingly inhumanish, all of which seem to stem from her two year disappearance.

    In regard to knightmares, she is incapable of using 'normal' knightmares well due to her having a higher standard, one that exceeds their capabilities and limits. Her definition of 'normal' means non-custom and non-heavily custom knightmares. In a custom knightmare, her abilities are played to their fullest whereas heavily customized knightmares limit her abilities still, but not as much. These records are from her four year stay at the school where she disappeared at.

    wow. i mean wow

    Post  Mitsuki-chan on Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:06 am

    wow! i mean, damn! interesting character. 5'9", though. isnt that too tall? but still, the character is so cool!!! u have a big imagination...... Shocked bigger than mine. lol. jk lol!

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:18 pm

    I'll delete the above waste of space comment later since it doesn't contribute.... *if you really need to ask, chatbox or Q&A forum(section/etc).

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