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    "Mark 0" / "Raven 00"


    "Mark 0" / "Raven 00"

    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Apr 08, 2009 2:11 am

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Mark 0/Raven 00/(Undecided official name)
    Model(Chinese Federation/E.U./Britannia/Japanese/etc): N/a
    Series Number: RAVEN-00 Unit-01
    Generation 8th
    Type: Experimental Prototype Test Type.
    Specialization: Melee/Anti-Knightmare/Breakthrough
    Height: 5.2m
    Weight: 9450kg
    Appearance: Silver, mechanical-like dragonic head. The arm and leg joints are reinforced with two layers of armor but is still flexible, while the shoulders each have a built in slash harken that juts outward at a 45 degree angle, and the waist has been slimmed down to provide quicker turns. The body rather resembles a slim serpentine form and the legs have sharp ankle guards that can double as blades if the situation allows. There are two phoenix-like wings jutting out from the back of the knightmare, on of left and one on the right The unit is black with a silver ting and azure highlights.
    Standard Weapons: x8 Boost Slash Harkens(one on each forearm. 2 on the shoulder joints, 2 on the back, and 2 built into the shoulders jutting outwards at a 45 degree angle.)
    Chest-mounted machine gun turrets x2
    Claw Arm x2* (in front of harkens)
    Edge Rapier x2**
    Raptor Daggers x12***

    *Claw Arm retractable shoulder forearm equipped claws. The claw portion can be ejected if needed. The claws themselves are not MVS coated.
    **Edge Rapier MVS Rapiers with a single edge that gives it a better cutting edge as opposed to standard MVS Rapiers. It is somewhat styled like a katana.
    ***Raptor Daggers Light, sleek, and compact throwing daggers. They are stored in various parts of the Knightmare and is designed for close range combat but can be thrown as a ranged projectile and is generally expandable ammunition.

    Equipment: Core Luminous
    Yggdrasil Drive
    Gefjin Disturber(used to hide from radar)
    Chaff Dispensers
    Anti-Physical Barrier(reinforced with a light sakuradite coating)
    Tri-Filler Hold(used to store 3 energy fillers at once instead of 1; is costly to produce)Integrated Float System(backside of the serpentine torso)
    Radiation Wave Shield x2(One on chest and one on back protecting the float system and cockpit)
    Blaze Luminous x8 (one on each forearm, legs, two per wing)
    (Accelerated) Landspinner Propulsion System****(8th Generation; Built into feet)
    Raven Wings Phoenix Heavy-Type*****

    ****Accelerated Landspinner Propulsion System They are modified Landspinners designed to increase speed for and of normal knightmares while bringing up the speed up slower knightmares to match regular knightmares. It is harder to control due to the rapid acceleration and deceleration, which then relies on the weight of the knightmare for proper breaking.
    *****Raven Wings Phoenix Heavy-Type A pair of heavily armored wings, Phoenix-like in appearance. The wings are large enough to be able to cover the front of the unit with either, and both wings at the same time. They are capable of blocking minor to moderate attacks. However, a Radiation Wave Surger type attack that connects can take a wing out in one hit, while the Baryon Canon can easily take both out with a single hit at 60% output(or 30% to just take out one wing).

    Cockpit Interior Notice: The cockpit is designed as a two seater, but currently is a one seater, with the lower, 2nd seat being modified to serve as a storage compartment and other such uses. Cockpit has numerous panels, more than usual, to provide a more direct visual of the knightmare's exterior. A trio of sub panels display information, data, and function as communication screens.

    Knightmare note: It is only a test unit designed to test out a variety of core technology, equipment, weapons and designs. It has been registered as a "stolen" knightmare. It is interestingly enough it is neither a Black Knights knightmare nor a Britannian one. It only has a light sakuradite coating, which only serves to reinforce the anti-physical barrier. The unit has a higher energy drain than most custom knightmares and thus relies on a trio of energy fillers to last 1.5 times a regular custom knightmare's operational time(the .5 is for covert entry and withdraw).

    Knightmare performance notes: It can only obtain low altitude flight at best, but has poorer maneuverability the higher it is off the ground. It is designed to be operated as a two-seater, and is harder for a single person to operate. It can be operated solely by a skilled pilot but it reduces the overall effectiveness of the knightmare.

    Knightmare piloting notes: 50% efficiency is minimum required to perform at the "norm", while 60% efficiency is required to react at the base level of the knightmare's capability. Each 5% over means that the pilot's reaction/piloting capability to it is not as handicapped. In retrospect, the reverse is true as well. Esther can pilot it at 65% efficiency alone but drops to 25% efficiency at the highest obtainable altitude, 10% less than the expected norm.

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