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    Eternal Nacht Ritter


    Eternal Nacht Ritter

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    Name: Eternal Nacht Ritter
    Age: 48 years old, appears 18.
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5 feet 11 inches
    Weight: 165~185? pounds (outdated record)

    Hair style/length: Usual- Short, black, cowboy styled hair
    On Duty- short, black, combed hair that's slightly messy.
    Eye Color: Black eyes
    Occupation: Unofficial 'Thirteen Knight of the Rounds'
    -----------------Representative Knight of Rounds
    -----------------Ex-Geass Directorate Test Subject
    -----------------Valkyrie Special Division Commander
    Allegiance: Britannia; Self.
    Beliefs/Ideals: Advance the world through whatever means necessary, whether it be war or peace.
    Rank: '13th Knight of Rounds' Representative Knight of Rounds (Command authority equivalent to a Brigadier-General, outranked by Official Knight of Rounds and above.)
    ----------Valkyrie Special Division Commander
    Nationality: Britannian (one-eighth European, one-eighth Chinese, quarter Japanese and Half Britannian.)
    Nobility: Knight-Duke

    Appearance: Slim build, and looks 'normal' if not dressed in his usual attire. His identification card and it's container are both black. To match, his communicator is also black.

    Carries around a black coffin-like case, often called a coffin anyways,that is 6 feet tall and wide enough to fit the average person in it but is usually used to carry spare weapons, steel poker cards, and other equipment. It's insides are quite comfortable and adjustable enough to carry a person inside without much trouble, and also carries drugs and medicines that prevents a person from thinking, paralyzed, and asleep.

    Formal/Knightmare Uniform- Black Knight of the Rounds outfit. Also keeps a katana at his side and two decks of steel poker cards on him and a single pistol.
    Regular/Non-Knightmare Uniform- Sleek black, bulletproofed cowboy jacket, shirt, hat, pants, and gloves. He wears a formal black belt and sleek 'formal' shoes. Carries a katana on the right along with a slim, reinforced rifle. Carries a double bladed rifle whose blade can be extended to a increase it's length to fifty percent longer. Carries four decks of steel poker cards in easy-open pockets and a hidden single deck of explosive poker cards. Just for emergencies, he carries a pair of pistols inside his jacket and two knifes on his own person.

    Personality: Cool, and calm. Does not like using his Geass on people he doesn't think/know he will constantly meet again, that would require him to use his Geass to help out. He does not have any personal interest in women aside from assistance. Does not like killing women whenever possible. Likes ordering Pizza in place of meals but never gets to actually eat any since Shishuku confiscates them. Takes out his anger and frustration in private(occasionally unintentionally catching Shishuku in it). Does not like seeing girls cry or die.

    Geass: Marionette
    History: Was born into a family that had fallen from nobility. His parents, seeking to not digress in social ranking any further, chose to throw in their lost with Eternal's grandfather, who was a researcher apart of the Geass Directorate. This was decided before Eternal was born. Eternal received training in hand-to-hand combat and weapons before actually joining the project at age 6.

    His life was hell before joining the project and only became more hellish. He isolated himself after receiving his Geass, which he refused to use since he encountered some monstrous sight of Geass in use before receiving his own Geass. In the end, he was forced to do so after a girl who cared for him was killed by the others as a result of Geass. Her death led to his dislike of using his Geass along with his first use of Geass. However, he went overboard in his fury and was transferred out of the place, and the bullies incinerated for safety of the staff. The only benefit of the experience was that Eternal found out a good deal about his Geass's limitations and powers along with the fact that there are possibility others with Geass out in the world. He was nine at this time.

    Eternal was then put into a special division of infantry to put his skills to good use. However, the division itself was a way to dispose of Geass Users who didn't fit certain specialized needs of the Empire. But he survived the duration of his stay, which ended after a fierce battle in one of the Empire's takeovers in which most of the division's personnel and Geass Users were killed. Due to the extensive losses suffered by the special division, it was converted into a Knightmare Special Division instead. Eternal was 20 at this time.

    However, the Special Division did not get a lucky break as the Black Knights appeared in Area 11. Eternal joined the Britannian forces there at the Battle of Narita, and barely managed to evade the landslide, but rest of the unit he was apart of didn't make it. He ended up engaging against a JLF Burai for a short while before being forced to eject safety, as his opponent was forced to eject as well due to a stray shot. Eternal ended up having to engage the opposing pilot in combat, but only knocked out the pilot since it was a girl. He ended up leaving her to be picked up by the Black Knights so he could make his way back to allied forces.

    Eternal once again meet Shishuku on the battlefield, during the JLF's last stand, after the Black Knights attacked. However, this time Eternal was not in a Knightmare and ended up dragging Shishuku to safety after the latter ejected. After the SAZJ was established, Eternal took time off his deployments to practice his Knightmare piloting skills.

    But when the Black Rebellion broke out, Eternal once again engaged Shishuku on the field of battle. However, due to the pace of the fighting, they ended up being stranded several times. Near the end of the war, Eternal purchased a maid outfit and stashed it inside a gift box and kept it in his room. His next meeting would be at the final battle.

    Eternal arrived just in time to see Shishuku's Knightmare go down as he recognized, by then, her style of piloting. Without thinking, he completely destroyed the Knightmares that had engaged Shishuku, gunning the infantry as well. He hurriedly emptied his case inside his Knightmare and exited his Knightmare, taking his case with him and just in time, as his Knightmare was destroyed by a missile that missed it's mark. Eternal went and reluctantly used his Geass on her, since she was nearly dead from mortal wounds, before Shishuku lost consciousness. Eternal then proceeded to put her inside the case, adjusting it's inside so that she fit just perfectly. He then waited out the battle before returning to friendly lines. Due to the scarcity of supplies along with Shishuku's condition, Eternal ended up having to fast for a week.

    Interestingly enough, he was promoted to a Representative Knight of Rounds by the new Emperor. Eternal tried to figure out what was going on, only to just completely drop the matter since it didn't do him any harm. He took her with him to the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center, in the USJ, since he was on duty to make sure nothing happened on the Britannian side of things. He ended up buying a few stuff for Shishuku.

    When Shishuku finished her recovery a month later, he spent a good deal of the next month trying to get rid of her. Eternal finally gave up when he came to a very late realization that whatever attempt to get rid of her would end badly. Thus instead he took the opportunity to change her status to an Honorary Britannian and also place her as his assistant. Eternal spent his time off from his duties sparring with Shishuku and also in the Knightmare simulator as well. His R&D Team is responsible for the development of the Valkyrie Special Division Knightmares.

    Currently, his combat skills, outside of a Knightmare, are on par with what one would expect of the Knight of Four. While his Knightmare skills are on par with what one would expect of the Knight of Nine.

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