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    Character/Knightmare/Combat Notices


    Character/Knightmare/Combat Notices

    Post  Strike-Zero on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:25 pm

    -Character Operation Notice-

    Multiple Characters: You cannot RP within your own characters only, the appropriate situation must allow for character who/can join in to join in if they so choose to.

    NPCs: Certain NPCs are side/faction based, meaning that they can only be NPC'd for/by that side/faction respectively. Others however, are global, meaning that even though they are/are not aligned to a side, they can be NPC'd regardless of the RPer's own alignment, but it still must be consistent with that NPC's previous reactions or their personality. Ask if not sure.

    Sub-Characters: As stated under Rules. Also, like having Multiple Characters, you cannot seal off a situation so that no other characters can join in. Are not to be confused with Special Sub-Characters(SS-Chars).

    Special Sub-Characters: When as their "PC" side, they must follow Multiple Characters Notice. However, when they're their "NPC" side, they must follow the NPCs Notice.

    -Knightmare Notice-

    Knightmare(MP): Cheap and easy to produce, repair, and replace. EU is specialized based. Chinese Federation is cheap mass numbers. Black Knights use high spec. models that are cost effective. Britannia uses anti-knightmare designed models that are balanced in general, but are inferior to the Black Knights MP Knightmares.

    Knightmare(Limited Production): Moderately priced, not too hard to repair/replace but not so easy either. The EU/Chinese Federation don't use them. Britannian models are reasonably superior to the MP Knightmares of the Black Knights. The Black Knights use customized MP Knightmares instead, and as such they reflect the relation between Black Knight MP Knightmares and Britannian MP Knightmares.

    Knightmare(Customized): Similar to Limited Production. The EU/Chinese Federation have none. Britannian military uses few Customized Knightmares. The Black Knights Customized Knightmares replace their Limited Production ones.

    Knightmare(Heavily Customized): Only available to the Black Knights and non-regular military Britannian forces. They are costly to replace, and somewhat difficult to repair, but are still less expensive than Custom Knightmares. Black Knight Models are superior to Britannian counterparts and can match up to Britannian Custom Knightmares.

    Knightmare(Custom): Costly to develop and replace, and difficult to repair. The EU regular military does not use them, only their irregular forces and other non-regular military forces use them. The Chinese Federation has few of them, but they are extremely powerful, more so than most Black Knights and Britannian Models. The Black Knights have few Custom Knightmares as they prefer the cheaper and equally useful Heavily Customized Knightmares. The Britannian Models are only given to those of certain rankings and those not apart of the regular military but are apart of certain groups granted permission by the Emperor or the 1st Prince&Princess.

    Knightmare(Geass-Conducting): Costs the same as a Customized Knightmare and same in terms of repair/replacement costs. They are solely Britannian Knightmares. They can move to a limited degree without landspinners.

    Knightmare(Geass-Type): It is materialized by a "magical device"(going off of immortals being witches), and does not use landspinners or other standard Knightmare technology. They can move acrobatically well and are quite strong, flexible, and have a reaction time matching their pilot's. They cannot be manually repaired and are unaffected by operational time. Also, they lack any form of "normal/sensible" cockpit design. Repairs are conducted when it is not in use.

    -Combat Notice-

    Outside of Knightmares: Character speed, ability, and skill are all taken into account. Also, you cannot assume that your action will carry through when attacking another(but you can put your character's intention of/with that action as a thought). However, if you do assume(including by mistake), the person who would be a victim of your actions can: a) drop your assumption, or b) turn the tables on you.

    Outside of Knightmares but with Geass: In addition to the previous conditions, depending on the Geass, you cannot simply spam it to win less under certain circumstances(ie. escaping after being injured/avoiding a unnecessary conflict altogether).

    Knightmare Combat(w/o Geass): The Character's ability and skill at piloting a Knightmare are taken into account along with the Knightmare's. Speed is used to calculate evasion and reaction time of the Knightmare(not the pilot). A Knightmare's equipment and weapons are reflective of their series counterparts(original weaponry/etc excluded), while original weaponry and like must have their own info listed under the Knightmare which they're used in and are limited to what is said of it.

    Knightmare Combat (w/ Geass): The above, plus the Geass's effect on the Knightmare, or how the Geass works with the Knightmare. Geass-type Knightmares however, do apply the Character's ability and skill at piloting a Knightmare directly into the equation, of the Knightmare's reaction time and limitations(but not durability).

    Air Cruisers/Hover Ships In Combat: They cannot attack if they have a shield part up in the line of fire of their weapons. This does not mean they have to drop their shields completely to attack. Knightmares can land on them in battle and in the case of reasonably sized ones, can be boarded by Knightmares if they bypass the shields when they're down. Also, they tend to take to the rear or just out of the direct line of fire to prevent a direct attack by a Knightmare. They are not an ideal target to charge after unless that side has little or no Knightmares(or like forces) near the vessel.

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