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    Cirus's Knightmare, Energist


    Cirus's Knightmare, Energist

    Post  Lip-Desu on Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:47 pm

    Knightmare Frame Name: Energist
    Model: Custom
    Series Number: N/A
    Generation: N/A
    Type: Completely Custom
    Specialization: Range, I suppose.
    Height(in meters): 12 meters
    Weight(in kg): 6000kg

    Appearance: Sporting a white paintjob with gold trim, this Mech carries many concealed weapons. The Energist stands about two or three stories high. In the backs of the calves can be fitted various guns, and in the fronts of the shins are anti-Knightmare missles, one each. They are NOT primed, so shooting them will not detonate them. Packed away in the upper arm are SAMs, and in the shoulders (on the torso) are anti-tank missiles. In the forearms are arm blades on the side, vulcans on the tops, and a (laser) beam weapon in each palm, protected by a shutter. This Knightmare can also fold up into itself, though for what purpose, only the creator knows, which makes it a transforming Knightmare. Two wings, when in use, float behind the Knightmare, some unknown interaction between the spheres at the base of them and their ports keeping them near the Knightmare and airborne. The wings are powered by a secondary generator, and they power its flight.

    Standard Weapons): SAMs x24, anti-tank missiles x12, various guns that can be fitted to the legs x2, anti-Knightmare missiles x2, beam weapons x2, vulcan machine guns x4, 4x arm blades.

    Wielded Weapons: Whatever he can get.

    Beam Weapons: By using several lens to focus high-power energy into a single beam, Cirus has developed a weapon capable of shooting concentrated electro-magnetic radiation, resulting in a high-powered energy-based weapon capable of doing crippling damage.

    Vulcan Machine Guns: Small but potent machine guns built into the Knightmare.

    Equipment: Radiation Wave Shielding, anti-physical barrier, Cockpit ejection system, Landspinners, Remote Autopilot Activation.

    Remote Autopilot Activation: Cirus has equipped with this system so that he doesn't need to bring it everywhere with him, but he can still have it. By entering a certain sequence into his watch, he sends out a signal and activates the system, which then guides the Energist to him.

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    Re: Cirus's Knightmare, Energist

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:17 pm

    Oh crap this list is going to be a bit long(sorry really).

    1. please change the stories high into meters...and weight is far too light, a heavily armed KMF would be quite heavy(ie. at least over 4900kg, but I think at least 1k or more over that, as per matching w/ the Mordred which is a heavy artillery type KMF.)
    2. Appearance needs to be modified as stated....(just several words here and there).
    3. "auto-rifles" isn't in the Canon world...so please either put up a short CG-adapted explanation of it or swap with another weapon.
    4. Beam weapons do not exist in CG, closest is hadron cannons/blasters(Britannian, latter is Britannian/BK). Armor-piercing Bombardment-type Radiation Wave is the BK/Japanese (more so BK, but can be used by Japanese as well) equivalent of the Hadron Cannon.
    5. Vulcans technically don't exist, rather anti-personnel weapons(for taking out infantry/attempted theft). Tanks are obsolete and missiles in general are both all purpose+anti-air+anti-KMF combined.
    6. For wielded weapons, it would be "Anything he can get his hands on." (This is because it means just literally anything the KMF can take/handle in its hands).
    7. Shielding is Radiation Wave Shielding. And armoring would be anti-physical barrier (not projectile since it protects from all sorts but melee). Radar is a given so no need to state.
    8. It's called Cockpit Ejection System. not ejection system. Also, for flight, the equipment is called "Float Unit" two types exist, integrated(built in&no ejection system) or optional(equipped, can double as a weapon & be swapped easier, but has limited designs). And Landspinners (w/o them you'd be more or less screwed on land, esp. with such a heavy KMF)

    Re: Cirus's Knightmare, Energist

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:12 pm

    Ok'd now(more or less)/Approved.

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    Re: Cirus's Knightmare, Energist

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