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    KMF Technology

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    Note: Some terms which are never mentioned at all are left out(and original technology as well).
    Also, there is no 6th Gen section since there was nothing new then(canon-wise).
    Also, this page is subject to updating when needed.
    Variations of the same weapon will be put up on here upon request.

    1st-4th Generations

    Cockpit Ejection System- The cockpit of a frame, which gives it a protruding humpback,
    can also be ejected by the pilot in case there is an emergency or when the frame is about to explode.
    Equipped with parachutes, the ejecting feature of the cockpit helps to increase the lifespan of a soldier
    to decrease the number of casualties in the battlefield. Upon ejection the 'overseeing control center'
    receives a signal on the Overmap notifying them of the ejected pilot.
    The map also shows a 'signal lost' when a frame has been destroyed.

    Yggdrasil Drive- The energy source of Knightmare Frames, contains the Core Luminous.

    Core Luminous- The Sakuradite device that is the centerpiece of the Yggdrasil Drive,
    wherein a cube of unknown composition is weightlessly suspended.
    The cube revolves at high speeds during a state of drive activation known as Yggdrasil Resonance.
    Yggdrasil Resonance is apparently involved in the conduction of electricity.
    The drive is recharged through a energy filler.

    Energy Filler- A small, compact filler that contains liquid Sakuradite and is used to power Knightmares.

    Sakuradite- A superconductive mineral that is explosive in liquid form.
    Due to advances in KMF technology, it had become a valuable mineral,
    turning it into a central political issue between Nations.

    Factsphere(s)- Collects visual data and have thermographic capability among an array of other
    data-collection functions which are collated in real-time.
    They are commonly protected under a layer of armor which can be retracted to improve system sensitivity.

    Landspinners- Self-propelled roller skates attached to the ankles of the machines,
    which allow them to achieve high mobility and speeds on most terrain.

    Slash Harken(s)- Rocket Anchors which are also usable for combat.
    They can be used to destroy obstacles, scale buildings, or closing distance.

    5th Generation

    Cockpit Ejection System(5th Gen.)- More comfortable and function.

    Landspinners(5th Gen.)- Mobility efficiency was improved with the use of new pivot-turning Landspinners.
    This allowed Knightmares to quickly turn left or right at a constant speed.

    Jousting Lances- Anti-Knightmare Lances. Gold types which can be deployed with four additional prongs
    and regular gray types that lack the deployable prongs.

    Stun Tonfas- Use on Mass Production Sutherlands as cheap melee weaponry.
    Is built on the arms and requires it to be 'flipped' into active use.

    Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher- standard wielded weaponry.
    The Grenade Launcher performs more like a RPG instead.

    Missile Launcher(Hand held)- Composed of two sections, one top, above the trigger, and one below the trigger.
    It releases a barrage of missiles from both top and bottom compartments when fired.

    Missile Launcher(Cockpit rear-mounted)- Rectangular shaped and attached to the upper back of the Cockpit.
    Releases a set of missiles from both launchers when fired.

    Chaos Mines- cylindrical air burst grenades that spray deadly shrapnel over a small area.

    7th Generation

    Landspinners(7th Gen.)- Allow KMF to rotate in place and slightly faster movement.
    Larger KMF have built in Landspinners.

    Katen Yaibatou- A heated chain sword that is effective against normal armored knightmares,
    even those with Sakuradite coating(non-heavily).
    Can easily be defended against with shields and heavy Sakuradite coating.

    Maser Vibration Sword(MVS)- A sword which is on par with the Katen Yaibatou.
    It easily surpasses the Jousting Lance(s).
    Effective anti-Knightmare weaponry.

    Sakuradite Coating- By concentrating differing amounts of Sakuradite over the entire frame
    it increases the Knightmare's capabilities but makes it harder to pilot.
    A side effect of Sakuradite Coating is that the Knightmare gains added protection against normal weaponry.
    However the energy filler is drained faster thus limiting operational time.

    Anti-Physical Barrier- Armor coating that enables a Knightmare to a substainal amount physical damage from projectiles.
    Swords and other slash based weaponry can cut through it.
    Also, certain types of attacks can bypass it.
    Piercing attacks are somewhat less effective but with enough force, will work as well.

    Electromagnetic Armor- Effectively renders all non-critical point attacks near useless but is difficult to repair
    and costly. As such, it is only employed on Knight Gaia Fortress units.
    A sustained, focused heavy barrage can damage it.

    Radiation Surge- A powerful microwave radiation emitter. By grabbing onto an enemy Knightmare
    and activating the emitter it can fry the enemy's electronics and warp the frame itself,
    causing it to explode after a brief pause.
    It can also cause the cockpit to become fused with the Knightmare preventing proper ejection
    or completely preventing ejection.
    It can also double as a shield against projectile attacks.

    Radiation Wave Shield- Built in Knightmare shielding that can be activated when needed.
    It acts like a Radiation Surge, but only in all defensive manner.

    Radiation Surge Warhead- Missiles equipped with Radiation tip heads that go off a split second after impact.

    Float System/Unit- Enables flight for the Knightmare or battleship it is employed in.
    The Float Unit comes in many variations but all for the same purpose and are compact.
    However, they are vulnerable to damage and destruction and also reduces the operational time
    of the Knightmare when in use due to it's energy drain.
    The Float System is also used in Air Cruisers, allowing the carry their massive weight into the air.
    They are effectively located where the Air Cruiser's engines would be located,
    leaving them vulnerable, and are protected by respective shielding.

    Air Glide Wings- The float system model employed by the Black Knights and their sponsor(s).
    Is based off the Gawain's integrated float system, giving it's appearance of four wing appendages.
    Is compatible with Britannian models.

    Blaze Luminous- Energy shields deployed by a generator built into that part of the Knightmare.
    It can deflect and block non-radiation based weaponry easily.

    Core Luminous(7th Gen.)- Gives partial defense against the Gefjun Disturber.
    The Knightmare Frame is slowed down by it.
    Power output is greater than earlier models.

    Hadron Cannons- powerful energy cannons which can obliterate lesser Knightmares and others their path.
    Difficult to defend against with average defenses.
    Average Shields and anti-projectile barriers have no effect against it.

    Hadron Blasters- fires sphere based Hadron shots.
    Their lack of substained concentrated fire makes them less likely to breakthrough anything that can defend against them.

    Druid System- It is a powerful analysis complex, greatly superior to Factspheres and on par with aerial and land cruisers.

    Absolute Defense Territory- an array of hexagonal energy shields that can be projected over any part of the Knightmare.
    It uses the Druid System, to plot the trajectories of incoming projectiles and shift the shields accordingly, giving the the Knightmare extremely high defensive capabilities.
    It relies on complex calculations to form effective barriers.
    Can fend off a substained blast from a Stark Hadron Cannon(a quad Hadron Cannon) but requires a well focused & deployment to do so.

    Miniature Proximity Missiles- small missile launchers concealed under a layer of armor when unused.
    Are not very effective against shields.
    They leave a tade tell trail behind as they move.

    Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon- a prism-like object is fired and powerful beam is fired upon it
    and the prism-like object refracts the blast into dozens of devastating pinpoint lasers.
    The laser can be fired without the prism-like object for a concentrated attack.

    Muscle Framing- Greatly enhances KMF capabilities, however it makes the KMF much harder to operate
    and is too costly to mass produce.
    Typically used in, custom, KMF that have Geass Conducting Circuit(ry) built in.

    Geass Conducting Circuit(ry)- Built in equipment that allows for using Geass in conjunction with the KMF.
    It is not compatible with all Geass types and certain Geass types do not need this and can still increase KMF operation.
    Also works with a built in neutralizer against suppressants as to increase the effect of compatible Geasses.

    Fortress Mode- Allows for the Knightmare to transform into something else that is built into the design.
    Is very costly and inefficient for mass production.

    9th Generation

    MVS- Can easily shred 7th generation MVS and like weaponry with ease.
    Is no longer exclusive to swords.

    Energy Wings- DOES NOT EXIST. As of this RP.

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