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    Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...


    Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...

    Post  Lady Nefrodiel on Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:57 pm

    Sprawled over the couch, was the lean, toned figure of a young blonde who was absolutely bored. Dangerous-looking grey eyes were staring at nothing in particular. As bored as she was, the teenaged girl couldn't help but feel angry. If it wasn't for Britannia, she would doing what normal seventeen years old did. School. Yes, she was missing the ability to go to school. But it was too dangerous for Emiko Mizushima to attend her beloved Zero Academy. Oh wait, it wasn't called that anymore, was it? It was now Ashford Academy. The thought of the name made her want to go get out her gun and start assassinating important Britannian leaders. How dare those impudent Britannian brats rename her precious school! Hell, why did they take away her country's name... again!? Emiko wanted to hurt something, wanted to hurt something real bad. Anyways she couldn't return to Zero- er Ashford- Academy because unbeknownst to her classmates Emiko was a member of the famous Black Knights. And she wasn't just any member, she was one of the ace pilots of the group. Yes, at the age of seventeen she was one of the youngest pilots to be part of the core. If she remembered correctly, the only one who had compared to her in youth and talent was Q1 herself- Kallen Kozuki. And when Emiko had been appointed to be part of the group she had been fifteen. But she was talented- a prodigy of combat and piloting knightmares.

    And because of that talent, she couldn't continue to go to school and lead a relatively "normal" life because she was on duty all the time now. Not to mention if Britannia started going through the student registers and were to figure out she was a Black Knight, let alone one of the ace pilots, well... a shudder made its way through her lithe body. She'd probably be executed. Or interrogated for information. Of which she would not give. She would rather die than betray her country.

    Fortunately Emi had been released from her current line of thinking when her phone went off. "A text message?" she inquired out loud, and grabbed the phone to see it was from Regan. A smile couldn't help but form on her features. She was a friend from school... it would be nice to hear what's going on, she hadn't been there for what- at least a week now. Reading the message, she couldn't help but stare at in disbelief. An unknown knightmare had attacked the school!? And it was red!? With no time to waste she immediately began typing back a response, "What!? That's crazy! But why in the world would a knightmare attack Zero? Oh wait, it's Ashford now isn't it? Anyways, can you give me anymore details about it? Glad Cirus was around! Nobody was hurt right? Anyways, I haven't been in school lately, well first I was sick... but once Japan was taken over... well my parents are really strict. They refuse to let me attend a school that's reverted back to its Britannian name. Think it's some ominous sign or something like that. Yeah, it sucks but I don't really have any power over it until I'm 18, ya know?" Meanwhile she had to inform Shido about this. This was not planned... it didn't make sense. It couldn't be Britannian, but it couldn't be Japanese either- after all there were Japanese children in there. It wasn't like 20 years or so years ago when it was full of Britannian students! It was totally a Japanese school!

    Just where would her boss be?

    Re: Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...

    Post  Lip-Desu on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:06 pm

    'Aah... all I noticed was the arm... ahh, what's it called... Mmmph, I forget, exactly, but it clamped onto the leg and took it out. Luckily, we managed to eject it in time. Cirus got some good hits in, himself, too. One missile coupled with a kick right to the face. He's repairing Energist right now, though, so I'm still at school... The red KMF also had an Absolute Defense Territory, I remember the name of that, anyway. The KMF ran out of energy and so the pilot, a woman, was captured. The Britanians took her and her KMF away, that's about all I know.'

    Re: Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...

    Post  Raven Mikako on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:31 pm

    A clicking noise was going off in another room near Emiko's lounging area. The noise was increasing in volume, and was coming from a dark room. Closer look in the room, a light blue flash was blinking.

    A shadow in the room moved from a medium bed. A moan escaped the figure, and it slowly reached for the flashing light. A small lamp was finally lit, revealing messy silver hair upon a masculine face. Rubbing his face, crystal blue eyes finally opened from what appears to be a long nap. After opening his eyes to the rising light from the lamp, he sat up with a small Blackberry kind of device. The light was coming from the silvery blue electronic. Dressed in pajama slacks and without a shirt on the bed, he read a complicated message that seemed to be cut off.

    "Strange..." he spoke softly, with a hand in his hair. "This couldn't be... from that could it?"

    He stood up and placed the device on the desk it came from,and headed to a small portable closet. Opening it revealed many dark colored coats, white gloves, three pairs of boots, and other accessories that were expensive and exquisite. Putting on one layer at a time, the man was dressed in a navy suit with a white cravat from the neck. Boots were carefully put on above the pleated slacks. He walked again back to his device and placed it in his jacket. A sigh escaped his mouth and finally headed towards the door of his room.

    He was walking towards the lounge.

    Re: Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...

    Post  Lady Nefrodiel on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:58 pm

    Getting up from the couch, Emi was surprised at how fast her phone went off again. Regan must have been really bored to text her so quickly. A large frown etched itself deep onto her face as she comprehended Regan's message. By God, it was her. That war mongering, terrorist, bitch. Who else could it be?! She had attacked Zero Academy! What the hell!? Why would she do such a thing? Emi laughed out loud, did she even need to ask that? She knew why that crazed girl had attacked the school. It because of her that Zero had been put into danger. Everybody in the Black Knights knew that Raven and Emiko absolutely hated each other's guts. Their rivalry made poor Shido's life a living hell. But this was too far. This was going against everything the Black Knights stood for! Except... the crazy bloodthirsty girl had gotten her captured. An exhausted sigh was released from the blonde's lips. She was willing to bet a lot of money that Shido was going to make her rescue the girl. Dammit.

    "Sounds dangerous. Sorry I wasn't there... who knew things could get to exciting at Zero? Once again, I'm glad you're safe. As well as everyone else is too I hope. No one's hurt or even casualties? Hope the Energist is up to shape ASAP. I know how much Cirus loves that thing," typed Emi in return as she got up and waltzed through the doorway only to run straight into the very man she was looking for.

    "Shido!" growled Emiko quite uncharacteristically, "Do you know what that terrorist pet of yours had done now?" Yup, she was pretty pissed. Too pissed that innocent lives that had been put to risk because of a simply rivalry to put on the normal mask she reserved for being angry. It was a well known fact that Emiko smiled while she performed dastardly deeds, it was self defense against the world. One could cover so much with a smile, ne? It was why she was known as the "Smiling Sun Goddess of Death" by the people of Japan.

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:15 am

    Shido brushed off the collision with a pat to his lapel and his sleeves. "I see you've already noticed the situation we are in." Shido coldly said as he finished brushing off. "I guess I do not need to tell you many details."

    He walked over the his part of the lounge and sat on his favorite chair with legs crossed. "However... Miss Mizushima, your current attitude is quite unsightly. You must calm down before venting your anger towards me." He folded his hands together and stared at Emi with a serious glare. "Now, before you go off with your rantings, I must tell you that Raven's Knightmare, the Camellia, sent a weak distress signal. You and I both know that she doesn't do that often. Fact, close to never."

    He sat there, glaring. He waited for a response.

    Re: Upon Chilling at the Temporary HQ of the Black Knights...

    Post  Lady Nefrodiel on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:47 am

    She would have blushed, but Emiko thankfully was in control of her emotions enough to do that. He was right of course. She was acting unprofessional and if there was anything Shido didn't like it was unprofessionalism. Just because Raven was childish and unprofessional didn't mean she had to stoop down to her level. Besides, she didn't even have the right to criticize her superior- she was only a mere seventeen. Although obviously she had to have some insight to be promoted at the age she was. Saluting her boss, "I apologize for running into you sir, and I apologize for losing my temper. Yes, I'm aware that Raven Mikako has been captured by the enemy. I assume you want me to save her?" Her grey eyes were cold as if to say I told you so. Shido's pet had failed. She had let emotions get the best of her and now she had been captured. Personally Emiko would have liked to see her dead... if she was captured by Britannia she would be troublesome. If she came back, something like this would be sure to happen again. It was a lose-lose situation. Sure it was cold-hearted, but that was what battle was- making sacrifices for the good of all. But she wouldn't dare share such a sentiment with her boss. He would probably be upset. After all, this was his idea.

    Man this sucked. Why couldn't Shido send someone else to go rescue that crazy girl? How about the other core member? There was three of them. But she knew Zero like the back of her hand- although she assumed it wouldn't take place there. And she wasn't doing anything. And she had been bored. Besides, she didn't have a choice in the matter. If Shido said go rescue Raven's ass, then by god she would have to. No matter how disagreeable the girl. But there was something that bothered her... Raven didn't give a damn about their cause or rescuing Japan. She wanted violence. What if Britannia saw the same talent the Black Knights had? And what if they were to offer her that... no strings attached? It wouldn't surprise one bit if Emiko had gone traitor. But then again, the Britannians who had captured her just looked at her as another terrorist and well- it was execution for her. That would be more beneficial. "Sir, what if Raven has gone traitor on the Black Knights?" asked Emi quietly, not sure she should voice that out loud. But to not acknowledge that possibility... would be just stupid. If it had been herself, to even think of the question was insane. Everybody knew Emiko would rather die than ever go traitor. But Raven was an entirely different case... even though she was Japanese.

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:32 pm

    Shido let out a deep sigh with a face of dissatisfaction. "I'm glad you understand the situation and your responsibility you possess for being within this squadron, Miss Mizushima." he said, but a frown was engraved on his face. It wouldn't surprise me if she has gone traitor he thought. Raven's train of thought is every man for themselves. She doesn't support the cause, but she is a very powerful force to be reckon with. With that temper and mind set, she can go with ever can strike her an interesting deal. The possibility is too great.

    "Miss Mizushima?" he called as he looked over to her. "I want you to go first to dispatch search and rescue. I know what your thinking; why do you of all people must go and rescue your worst enemy? I'll give you an answer. She's part of our squadron, and I personally picked the two of you despite your relationship. Now then, the other one is too busy with another mission of information gathering. You're the only one." he said as he stood up to look at a window, staring off in the water. "Now, I know she is Japanese and she does not seem to love her country. But if I told you something that I shouldn't, then I think you would understand. However, you're not ready for such information, Miss Mizushima. For now, I want you to dispatch for your new mission; retrieve our member Raven Mikako. I will ask that you call me by communicator when you have discovered her position. Then... I will personally come to your side for capture. She is Japanese, Miss Mizushima. She just can't sympathize with the fact that others want to do the same thing she is doing. Now go."

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