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    RPI-212C Customized Vincent


    RPI-212C Customized Vincent

    Post  Raven Mikako on Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:44 pm

    Knightmare Frame Name: None yet
    Model: Britannian (Stolen)
    Series Number: RPI-212C
    Generation: 7th generation
    Type: Personal Custom
    Specialization: Stealth and Melee
    Height: 4.44 m
    Weight: 8990 kg
    (Above is just a reference to color.)Fully customized KMF with the Vincent as a skeleton base. The head is still the same, but everything else was completely modified. Height is the same, but weight is definitely different due to the weapons it handles.
    Shoulders are smaller and looks more spherical, and the torso is slightly bigger to accommodate a bigger cockpit.

    Standard Weapons:
    Slash Harken x2 on hips
    Double Barreled hand gun on left arm with grenade launcher
    Missile Launcher(Cockpit rear-mounted)
    MVS x2 lance type

    Wielded Weapons:

    Landspinner Propulsion System (Improved faster version)
    Air Glide system backpack (optional)
    Cockpit Ejection System
    Yggdrasil Drive
    Luminous Core

    Pilot: ???

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    Re: RPI-212C Customized Vincent

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:26 pm

    The Model would be Britannian(Stolen)
    Series Number would be RPI-212C
    The Height is 4.44m
    The Weight should be heavier.
    Under the appearance, put Pre-Customized Equipment
    MVS Lance-type x2 is supposed to be under Standard Weapons. Also, you don't need all that extra junk on explaining the MVS Lance-type because it's canon tech.
    The Assault rifle is redundant if it has a built in double barreled handgun.
    The Air Glide System backpack is (Optional). The Druid System is build into the unit and uses the eyes in the head as the relays(so you don't need to explain that either).
    The Landspinner Propulsion System is the correct name. If it is upgraded or so such..., add a (Improved faster version).
    Oh and you're missing Luminous Core <-under equipment.
    And for the name of the post for this KMF you should put RPI-212C Nightwalker(Customized Vincent for Leader of Ace Squad)

    Off to the side... where'd you get the blue with green ting Vincent. And... I find it... akward that a Ace would be using a Customized KMF instead of a Custom one.

    Re: RPI-212C Customized Vincent

    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:02 pm

    And due to post-multi changes and all, approved.

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    Re: RPI-212C Customized Vincent

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