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    Senku Shido


    Senku Shido

    Post  Raven Mikako on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:45 am

    Name: Senku Shido
    Alias(Nickname): The Nightwalker Shido
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair : Short layered silver hair
    Eye Color: Crystal blue
    Occupation: Leader of the BK Ace Squadron, ex-mechanic, ex-researcher, ex-test pilot
    Allegiance: Japan
    Beliefs/Ideals: War is an inevitable event that humankind cannot avoid. With the technology and emotions we humans have, there will always be conflicts.
    Rank: Leader of Ace Squadron
    Nationality: 1/2 Eleven, 1/2 Britannian
    Nobility: none though dresses like one
    Wears aristocratic clothing though he is not related to any. Usually wears blue, white, and green. Glasses and cravats are also his signature as above. (drawn by me)
    He wears a tight fitted tailed suit, navy colored. Has the BK symbol on the lapel and has a cravat with the Ace Squad symbol engraved in the cameo. White gloves and black boots.

    Personality: A very hard worker even if he appears to be in the wrong side. Supervises accounting and research for BK Ace KMFs. Usually very strict on his squadron, but can sometimes go over board. His demeanor seems like of nobility, but he is strictly doing it because of his morals. Very loyal to his team and has a soft spot for Raven. Loves to drink Earl Grey Tea

    Only 11 when he the Japanese Independence War broke out, his parents escaped to the destroyed ghettos. His mother was an Eleven bound by poverty and his father was a regular Britannian citizen. Senku's father seriously loved his mother despite her financial status. They married in secret and managed to survive in the ghettos. It wasn't until search and destroy units from the local army decided to kill Senku's parents before his eyes. The only reason he lived was playing dead in his mother's arms.

    A few years later, he finally attended normal school on his own. It wasn't as great as Ashford Academy, but it was just as big. During the enrollment, he took the Britannian side of his family so he didn't face discrimination. Under the alias name of "Adrian Rossario" he finished his education and went on as a researcher in the general mechanics department. After he turned 32, he was relocated to Dallas, TX to study Knightmare Frames due to his talent in work and theories considering molecular structure and skeleton framing. This was, however, during the time of the BIO-soldier research institute being destroyed by a stray unit. With this tragic event near the research center he was located, he was forced to return to the Area 11.

    Becoming Leader of Ace Squadron:
    Returning to Area 11 led him to a new research institute that specialized in KMF's. He was chosen to test pilot some of the new weapon attachments for some KMF's. While test piloting several KMF's he was promoted to official mechanic for new equipment. He was very honored and continued to do his research on molecular structure, etc.

    He was responsible for shipping parts to the Britannian Army. On one of his routes, terrorist groups crashed a freighter where Shido was stationed. The Black Knights were collecting KMF parts to bring up their army once again, so they decided to "borrow" some personnel. Shido was caught in crash, and he had no choice but to join the new forces. He was smart, but he knew his place when dealing with terrorists.

    Returning with the Black Knights he found other recruits located in one section of their hideout. He was placed there to be assigned or tortured depending on several answers. Every other recruit was forced into different work due to the lack of organization of the Black Knights. Shido was then called up to the temporary moderators for the Black Knights. After explaining his position from that freighter they collected, the moderators decided to put him on the research committee they teamed with India.

    With the development of the rise of the Black army, Shido was stuck in the research committee for 2 more years before being promoted to Leader of the Ace Squadron. He proved himself like what happened in his previous job with the Britannian research institute. He had to face off with many other soldiers who wanted the same job, but he manage to survive the brutal battles. With that, he was determined worthy of Leader.

    After his initiation, he was responsible for choosing his squadron. The top three were chosen including an ex-BIO soldier named Raven Mikako. He was responsible for training and developing his squadron. His life was never the same after encountering the Black Knights, and now he is one of their top forces to face Britannians.

    He is a very analytical person, so he specializes in the reading and operating the Druid system. Close range combat is his preferred fighting style though he doesn't mind long range. His arsenal composes of blocking radar frequencies from picking him up, and specialized short ranged weapons.

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