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    Xane Traize


    Xane Traize

    Post  Leonato on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:00 pm

    Name:Xane Traize de Britannia
    Alias: Angel of Demise
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight:180 pounds
    Hair: Short, messy and spiked outwards. White opaque color
    Eye Color: golden, yellow highlights.
    Occupation:Strategist, Knights of the Round.
    Beliefs/Ideals:Xane is completely dedicated to the well-being of Britannia and will sacrifice anything to become a suitable puppet of it's enemies destruction.
    Rank:Knight of Seven
    Nationality: Britannian
    Personality: Cocky, Quiet, Grandiose, Laid Back, Privileged. Finds that the fact he is on probation is a limit on his talents.
    Geass: None
    History: Born under the Great Archduke Fancis Traize de Britannia, he was born into a privileged life. He spent his entire child life learning about the great history of Britannia and its grand rise to power. He was placed into many martial classes to better serve under the great Emperor. These martial classes along with intense study had served him well. His father was a top weapons design theorist in the research department under the rule of Britannia.

    By the age of 12 he was a certified genius, and his father had taken him under his wing. He began reading book after book of experimental weapons technology. At the age of 14 he had created his first Anti-Knightmare grappling gun. It was instantly put into use against the resistance. From that time he had received multiple patents on weapons and Knightmare designs until one fateful night. His father was secretly caught in a terrorist act by a Britannian spy, as Xane was contacted to take him out without his knowing. At the tender age of 15 it was Xane's duty to choose between loyalty and family. Obviously he chose loyalty and disposed of his own father and became a duke before the age of 18. From that point on his own mother was taken for information extraction without any objection from himself.

    Having extensive knowledge of weapons and Mech body styles and capabilities, he utilizes his vast knowledge to exploit his enemies every weakness, as long as amplify his own. He had been promoted and accepted into the Knights Royal Guard under a strict probation to monitor his movements and actions to prohibit terrorist actions. He hates the fact he isn't trusted because of his idiot father and wishes he could go back to warn him of his own sworn allegiance. He is now working on an experimental body type that is to completely double the speed of the fastest recorded Knightmare. It's animative properties also give it incredible flexibility and can only be piloted by the quick minded.

    He spends his time making counter terrorist attacks and lives on a steady diet of chess and the sweet taste of victory. He has begun to hear of Terrorist movements and has been mobilized to counter their movement and to use his great knowledge to stop them dead in their tracks.

    He had spent most of his natural born life in a battle simulator. From there he had gained his extremely fast reaction time, and his cool personality under pressure makes him the perfect Knightmare pilot. Though his personal combat had suffered due to this development, he is almost never caught off guard. He is also completely ignorant to the fact the Geass even exists. He spends his time nowadays training on actual Knightmares instead of simulators to prove his skills in the Knightmare.

    After obtaining his own KMF model, he began his role in one of the Knights of the Round. He began working on his model, making small changes to the armor and the wheels to make the Knightmare's speed almost double. Though he sacrifices 25% of his armor capability he finds it as a worthy trade.


    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name:
    Model(Chinese Federation/E.U./Britannia/Japanese/etc):
    Series Number:
    Generation(depending on highest technology in/on KMF):
    Type(modified personal/production model/experimental/test type/custom/upgrade):
    Specialization(Speed/Range/Melee/Anti-Knightmare/Command/Mass Production/Limited Production/Balanced):
    Height(in meters):
    Weight(in kg):
    Appearance(head, arms, body, legs; Can use picture instead or as reference):
    Standard Weapons(built in/stored in unit, include how many of each and function if not in anime):
    Wielded Weapons(non-stored/non-built in, include how many of each and function if not in anime):
    Equipment(Landspinners, Factsphere Sensors, Cockpit Ejection System, ect...):

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    The Nobility for Knight of Rounds is supposed to be 'Knight-Duke' (without the ' '). Along the same lines, which ranking are you in the Knight of Rounds?. And the China part on the Beliefs/Ideals seems a bit akward due to the timeline. Other than that everything else makes more or less sense.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:42 pm

    Ok'd now. ^^. Didn't take as many goes as Raven's (no offense meant Raven).

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