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    (Shinkiro) Camellia Customized Custom


    (Shinkiro) Camellia Customized Custom

    Post  Raven Mikako on Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:25 am

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Camellia
    Nickname: "Child"
    Model: Japanese Shinkirou
    Series Number: unknown
    Generation: 7th
    Type: modified personal, custom
    Specialization: Melee
    Height: 4.7 m
    Weight: 5928 kg
    Head: Smooth over look and red coating. Fox head shaped and its "eyes" are yellow.
    Overall body shape: Similar to the original Shinkiro. Colors are a very dark red and yellow from the original. Float unit is the same color.
    Additional Features: Camellia is named for the red color and the gold highlights. The cockpit is only for one pilot unlike the original model. The inside isn't as big, but it does suffice for Raven as it has comfortable padding and wide data screens.
    Standard Weapons:
    Hadron cannon on chest
    Slash harken X2 one on each arm
    Radiation Surger within the right arm
    Miniature Proximity Missiles X4 one on each arm and leg
    Wielded Weapons:
    Radiation Surge Warhead within the left forearm
    Chaos Mines X2 on shoulders
    Radiation Wave Shield
    Yddrasil Drive
    Druid System
    Sakuradite Coating
    Absolute Defense Territory
    Fortress Mode: Environment Duplicator (a standby mode: disguises in the surroundings as similar objects)

    Pilot: Raven

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    Re: (Shinkiro) Camellia Customized Custom

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:33 pm

    Let'm make sure I see things correctly(matching up with your line of thought).
    1. You replaced the 'Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon' with a Hadron Cannon. Second you swapped out the Hadron Blasters on the arms for Slash Harkens and proximity missiles(and on legs)
    2. The 'Radiation Wave Shield' is supposed to be under equipment. And you replaced the 'Absolute Defense Territory' with it.
    3. The 'Radiation Surger' within the right arm is supposed to be under standard weapon. And.... For your information, that is a reference to the basic one(the kind used by the Guren Mk2, not its later versions)
    4. Also, the unit does have landspinners, as well as a 'fortress mode' and the Air Glide System is integrated. And due to the integrated float unit...it doesn't have a ejection system(all transforming KMF, to date, don't have one lol).

    Re: (Shinkiro) Camellia Customized Custom

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:22 pm

    "Able to roll on land" is redundant... but oh well. Approved.

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    Re: (Shinkiro) Camellia Customized Custom

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