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    V-16 Gunlink (Valkyrie Speical Division Regular KMF)


    V-16 Gunlink (Valkyrie Speical Division Regular KMF)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:04 am

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Gunlink
    Model: Britannian
    Series Number: Valkyrie V-16
    Generation: 7th
    Type: Production Model
    Specialization: Range/Anti-Knightmare
    Height: 4.47m
    Weight: 7370 kg
    Appearance(head, arms, body, legs; Can use picture instead or as reference): The head is smooth, and somewhat elfish in design, complete with robotic pointy 'ears' which are in fact, the unit's version of factspheres and are only in deployed stated. The body is smooth and oval shaped, while retaining the humpback Knightmare design. The ares are squared and bulky at the shoulders, padded over and over with three layers of extra armor. The hands have a sort of smooth, curved gauntlets. The lower torso has a angelic-esque "skirt armor" that matches the thigh portion of its legs witch are, like the shoulders, squared and bulky and padded over with three layers of extra armor. The ankles have a protruding "blade" jutting out of them, which are defensive blades made to counter melee weapons aimed down low. The feet are nothing special, resembling the Sutherland's, but much more smooth and graceful. It can equip a float unit that is slimmed down version of the original.

    Standard Weapons: Harkens x4(2 on torso, one near each arm; 2 on forearms, one per arm)
    Missile Launchers x4(2 built into thighs and 2 in shoulders)
    MVS Daggers x6(3 stored on each forearm)
    Needle Blazer x2
    Wielded Weapons: Sniper Rifle x1(mobile version)
    Assault Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher x2 (stored next to cockpit, and under float unit when it's equipped)

    Equipment: Blaze Luminous x4(on chest; focused as a single barrier)
    Landspinners(7th Generation)
    Cockpit Ejection System
    Optional Float System(Slimmed down version)
    Factsphere Sensor(7th Generation; robotic 'ears', non-concealed)
    Sakuradite Coating(7th Generation; includes the Harkens)
    Protruding 'blades' on ankles(Designed to defend against melee weapons aimed down there)
    Anti-Gefjun Disruptor Countermeasures(7th Generation)
    Core Luminous(7th Generation)

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