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    Differences From CG Canon Universe


    Differences From CG Canon Universe

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:38 pm

    1. The SAZJ(Special Administrative Zone of Japan) was successful, Lelouch's Geass did not go out of control then.

    2. The OotBK(Order of the Black Knights) worked with the SAZJ and made the endeavor a success, to the point it threatened Britannia. Suzaku and Lelouch now work together, Suzaku never made the Knight of the Rounds.

    3. The R2 KMF were developed/completed during this time. The following were never brought into existence: F.L.E.I.J.A., Damocles, and Energy Wings.

    4. In 2022 atb, the Emperor struck down the SAZJ,five years after it's formation, which lead to a all out war between Britannia and the SAZJ which was reformed as the USJ(United States of Japan). The war came to be known as the 'Japanese Indepence War' in Japanese textbooks, but was known as the Black Rebellion, in Britannia.

    5. Africa and the Middle East(both taken over by Britannia), won their independence from Britannia with the aid of the OotBK and formed the CSA(Confederate States of Africa) and the UMF(United Muslim Federation) respectively.

    6. The OotBK helped overthrow the Eunuchs Generals of the Chinese Federation and also brought about India's independence from the Chinese Federation. India is now known as the USI(United States of India).

    7. The final battle took place in 2023 atb, a year after the war had begun, and was fought at Pendragon, the Imperial capital of Britannia.

    8. During the final battle, the Emperor, Schneizel, Cornelia, the Knights of the Rounds, and many others on both sides were missing by the end of the battle and have been presumed to be dead.
    The Emperor's disappearance and probable death, along with the loss of the Empire's most capable heirs, caused chaos amongst the Britannian populace. Britannia was forced to halt it's war against the OotBK and the USJ in order to tend to it's losses.

    9. Zero vanished from the world stage the day after the war was won, leaving the USJ to the Japanese. A new Emperor, his face only known to a select few, appeared to lead Britannia two days later. However, Britannia was still reeling from it's major losses. Also, the annual Sakuradite Producing Nations Conference took place eleven days later.

    10. The OotBK became the shared military of the USI, USJ, and CSA. Knightmare development slowed, down as attention shifted to rebuilding.
    Britannian and OotBK KMF development was equally slowed as the causalities from the final battle included their lead scientists.

    11. In 2033 atb, ten years after the war, known as the Japanese Independence War, the Chinese Federation's top brass was mysteriously wiped out and once again, the Eunuch Generals took charge.
    Knightmare Frame development around the world began to make headway to 7th Generation KMF development.

    13. The rest of the world has reached 7th Generation Knightmare technology whereas the OotBK and Britannia have progressed somewhat into 8th Generation technology development.

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