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    Viviana T. Markurie


    Viviana T. Markurie

    Post  sasukes1fan on Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:35 am

    Name: Viviana Tifa Markuie

    Nickname: Vivi

    Age: Seventeen

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: Unknown

    Hair style/length: Black, Spiked pony tail, Always wears a
    bow/ribbon, shoulder length

    Eye color: Cerulean blue

    Ocupation: Student/weapon technician for Black Knights

    Alligence: Japan

    Beliefs/Ideas: She belives that Britannian has too much power and that no one should rule over another.

    Rank: Unsure

    Nationality: Born of Britannian decendance, father Japanese

    Nobility: Mother was a Baroness

    Appearence (civillian): Week days would be her school uniform. On her days off from that or when she felt like being unique, it's usually something Gothic Lolita style. Though it's never skirts or dresses much, mostly the hair ribbons, shirts and accesories. She's prefers pants.

    Personality: Bright, calm, quiet, stubborn, believes she is always right, doesn't trust others easily but once she knows the person well she becomes very trusting, loyal, creative, artistic, likes to keep to herself, when nervous she may stutter, brave, whitty, and can sarcastic at times when she is with friends.

    Geass: She can create blissful illusions or horrifing nightmares, if strong enough, the nightmares can cause one to go insane, but all of her illusions only last for 5-6 minutes depending on her usage of the geass. If it's too frequent, it won't last long, but if used often within a certain amount of time, it will expand the timing of the geass.

    History: Born to a Britannian mother, the girl was always told her father died respectfully as a knight. She lied. Her mother wasn't very faithful to her man, she was never with one guy too long. It was never love for her mother. Her mother had Vivana with a Japanese man. The man worked for the person said to be the girl's true father. The eleven as he would now be called, was killed after Vivi's father found out what had happened.

    The young girl didn't find out till she found some old pictures and the resemblence between her and the eleven was uncanny yet, it always seemed like she took after her mother. Vivi brought this forcfully up to her mother's attention and her mother spilled the truth. The girl was fourteen when she found this out and things between her mother and her were no longer the same. She was never able to look the woman who had raised her in the eyes again. From then on, her studies were all she really cared about. Anything not school related didn't seem to exist. By doing this, she started to gain the highest scores out of most kids in her age group.

    Vivana wasn't bad at learning or school, in fact she found that she had a photographic memory. This proved to be a great help to remember schematics and things. The girl was brilliant. She soon became involved with the Black Knights. No one really knows her reasons for this and she likes to keep it that way. From what her school friends know, she is a Britannian, and from what the Black Knights know she is an Eleven. She doesn't like keeping secrets and things, she thinks that eventually they'll hurt the ones whom you try hardest not to hurt, but this is nessecary if she wants to stay alive. It seems like that's all she does now and days, when she isn't working for Zero, she's making up lies and stories to keep her friends out of the way of her job.

    ((Srry if the history isn't long enough, I'm too tired to think...>.<))

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