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    Raven Mikako


    Raven Mikako

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    Name:Raven Mikako
    Alias(Nickname): Red Flower of Evil
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet 7 inches
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Hair style/length: Extremely long black hair
    Eye Color: Red
    Occupation: Black Knights Ace Pilot, ex-terrorist, ex-BIO soldier
    Allegiance: Japan, and Shido
    Beliefs/Ideals: Pessimistic view on religion and thinks the world should be dominated by terror. Also takes things with her own hands
    Rank: Ace Squadron member
    Nationality: Japanese
    Nobility: none (in fact, hates royalty)
    Appearance (civilian):
    Traditional Chinese dress that has varying colors such as red and green and splits either for one or both legs. She also wears knee-high stockings with elaborate embroidery. She has a skull tattoo on the back of her neck. Busty build, but looks normal in society.
    (Military/headquarters wear): Red pilot suit with gold embroidery and hair is up in a ponytail. Hair is held up with a camellia hair comb, and on the right side of her face are three scratch-like scars
    Personality: A very cold and harsh person. She does not like to hang around people who she seems unworthy of her presence. She's also very rebellious and will take matters in her own hands if she doesn't get her way. However, her personality splits in battle and she can be a little more... sporadic. Refers to her KMF as her "child."

    History: Raven Mikako was born during the formation of the Specialized Administrated Zone of Japan. Her family were of low class, and she didn't go to the best schools or classes. She was often made fun of and being called a "demon" and "witch" for her glaring red eyes. She didn't do much to her classmates saying such things. She let those children call her such cruel and unforgiving names because she was already facing that at home. She got used to it.At the age of 12, Raven was sent to Dallas, TX by her parents. It was in Dallas where she underwent horrific body enhancements, and her parents never came back to retrieve her.

    Turns out that she was enlisted to be an experiment for the new BIO-SOLDIERS unit that the Holy Britannian army kept secret. Many other children were gathered in Dallas throughout the next five years. When she turned 17 many problems were arising within the BIO unit, and she was in the middle of it. Slowly, a soldier was gone from the listing on every hour of every day. Alarms and security were enhanced, but they were still disappearing.

    When scientists found the culprit, they were in shock. Raven was strangling random soldiers as they sleep. She would enter the rooms of little children and even adults and wrap her cold hands around their neck, sucking the life away. Her body modifications were failing at this point, so this triggered a deadly collecting of other parts. Every soldier was missing something... something important. She was contained and quarantined from the rest for the next 6 years. The institute will regret what they did soon.

    At the age of 21, she destroyed the BIO-SOLDIER research institute, and escaped to Japan. Leaving the burning building and the city surrounding it, she wandered aimlessly until she discovered her body's power. With the strength of an army soldier, she wandered the cities of Area 11 causing fear to jump into the hearts of many. She murdered those who were incompetent and weak and stole many organs from the victims. "Madame Red" was in the news across the nation, and there were no forces able to stop her.

    Victims had similar characteristics. They were all female nobles who wanted an abortion. The color red was splatter across their faces, and their abdomens were cut out. Their child was forced to a new mother. They will never come back... Camellia was finally born from these unfortunate women.

    How she became an Ace Squadron member:
    Due to her inhuman methods of torture with the children of the BIO unit and her past terrorist attacks, the Order of the Black Knights saw great potential. They would use her to blow away other organizations that may create more problems within the nation for the future. However, due to her sporadic nature and strong beliefs of taking things with her own hands, the Order found it hard to recruit her. Finally, they managed to gain her strength after compromising some demands she has placed on her last terrorist attack. She wanted to destroy the peace that Japan put upon this pathetic land on the inside, so she accepted the offers. She wants to set off some fireworks to show that the world isn't safe anymore.

    With her cold and rebellious attitude, she managed to obtain a new model of a KMF from the warehouse train. Destroying almost half the building as she went on a rampage, the higher ups received the report. She was called forward and reviewed for her actions.

    Within that meeting, she was recognized for her surprising skill. Even though the damage to the hamper was great, the person who did it must have done something right in order for the building to get that way. The higher ups recognized her ability, and promoted her to the Ace Squadron. She was, however, held responsibility for her future actions.

    Raven's signature moves are mainly epic offensive attacks. Frontal moves are usually basic, and she rarely sneaks behind due to her battle ethics. She does not go through the trouble of saving her other units, but she will make the effort to throw the enemy off guard. Special cannons and other artillery are also favorites.

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