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    A-03R Rapier R (Britannian VSD Mass Production KMF; Melee type)


    A-03R Rapier R (Britannian VSD Mass Production KMF; Melee type)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:25 pm

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Rapier R
    Model: Valkyrie Special Division(Britannian)
    Series Number: Ark Type-Rapid A-03R
    Generation(depending on highest technology in/on KMF): 7th
    Type: Production Model
    Specialization: Mass Production; Speed, Melee, Anti-Knightmare
    Height: 4.35 meters
    Weight: 6790 kg
    Appearance: The head resembles a narrower version of the ward, complete with a silver visor and pink eyes.
    The body is a refurbished version, slimmed down version of the Vincent's torso.
    The arms are smooth and resemble two piece gauntlets and the elbow is flat.
    The legs resemble the Gareth's but slimmed down and ends on a flat foot resembling the Lancelot's,
    complete with landspinners attached. The unit is blue with a silver tinge.
    Standard Weapons: Needle Blazer x 2
    MVS Rapiers x 2 (Stored in hips)*
    MVS Daggers x 2 (Stored in ankles)**
    Slash Harkens x 4 (2 on forearms and 2 on waist)
    Equipment: Blaze Luminous x3(Two on front, barrier formation; One on back covering cockpit and float system).***
    Fine-tuned joints(Faster reaction speed)****
    Landspinners(7th Generation)
    Cockpit Ejection System
    Optional Float System(Slimmed down version)
    Factsphere Sensor(7th Generation; on back of head, non-concealed)
    Anti-Physical Barrier(7th Generation; includes the Harkens)
    Anti-Gefjun Disruptor Countermeasures(7th Generation)
    Core Luminous(7th Generation)
    Yggdrasil Drive

    Notes: Standard mass produced Valkyrie SD melee Knightmares modified for faster high speed melee combat.
    It has lighter armor to reduce inhibition of its movements, and also decrease overall weight.
    Commonly assigned to the lowest ranks, typically to test non-standard reicuits, as cannon fodder.
    *The MVS Rapiers are very slimmed down MVS Swords. They cannot be combined into a single weapon.
    **The MVS Daggers are dagger-sized MVS Swords. They are spare weapons that can be thrown if needed.
    ***The barrier formation only extends to the front of the KMF.
    ****The faster speed is also harder to control without experience/practice. Is less useful in the air.

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