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    VAS-VA02C Arch Zephyr (Britannian VSD Customized Custom KMF)


    VAS-VA02C Arch Zephyr (Britannian VSD Customized Custom KMF)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:22 pm

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Arch Zephyr
    Model: Britannian
    Series Number: Valkyrie Advanced Savior V-Ark VAS-VA02C
    Generation: 8th
    Type: Experimental Prototype Custom
    Specialization: Emphases on Speed but overall balanced, Anti-Knightmare.
    Height: 4.6m
    Weight: 8250kg
    Appearance(head, arms, body, legs): It's head resembles the Lancelot's, minus the horns, and has a visor over the 'mouth' and emerald 'eyes'. Whereas it's body resembles that of the Lancelot(original) but with a non-standard, flat, Factsphere Sensor built into the chest(non-concealed). It's shoulder and legs reflect that of the Vincent while the arms resemble that of the Lancelot(original). It's float system resembles a trio of the Garth's float system in a triangular shape with a pair of ends (resembling the original Lancelot's float system) jutting out of each middle and corner sections. The float system is currently nicknamed Sechs-Gamma. The Knightmare is in sky blue and light pink.

    Standard Weapons: VES(Valkyrie Type-Excalibur Sword) x2
    Slash Harken x2 (Shoulder joint section)
    Boost Slash Harken x4 (Two on arms front part of the Blaze Luminous, and two on waist)
    Missile Launchers x4 (Two on each shoulder, one on top and one on the side)
    Wielded Weapons: VARIS HT x2 (Hadron Type VARIS Hadron Type)

    Equipment: Blaze Luminous x7 (one on each arm and leg and the front of the torso,
    technically right where the Factsphere Sensor is situated. One on left and right sides of the float system.)
    Landspinners(8th Generation)
    Integrated Float System(8th Generation; Sechs-Gamma)
    Factsphere Sensor(8th Generation; flat, non-concealed)
    Sakuradite Coating(8th Generation; Based off the Knight of the Rounds KMF, includes the Harkens)
    Anti-Gefjun Disruptor Countermeasures(8th Generation)
    Core Luminous(8th Generation)
    Yggdrasil Drive

    Notes: Second Unit of the V-Ark Series of Valkyrie Prototypes.
    It is actually built mostly from altered spare parts... and extra armed after assembly with 9th Generation technology.
    Originally designed with a Fortress Mode, its Fortress Mode was omitted in favor of increased combat performance.
    It was further customized to collect combat data and for personal by Eternal's order.
    However, it is not his personal Knightmare but rather Shishuku's.
    Weapon Notes: The VES is a scaled down, and toned down, variation of the Former Knight of One's Excalibur sword
    and is being adapted for the Valkyrie Special Division's replacement of the MVS.

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