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    (Shin) Akatsuki (Mass Produced Black Knight KMF)


    (Shin) Akatsuki (Mass Produced Black Knight KMF)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:34 pm

    Knightmare Frame(Code Name) Name: Shin Akatsuki (Akatsuki for short)
    Model: The Order of the Black Knights
    Series Number: Type-4F
    Generation: 7th
    Type: Upgrade production model
    Specialization: Anti-Knightmare/Mass Production
    Height: 4.45m
    Weight: 7920kg
    Appearance:It is superior to the Akatsuki though its frame is visually similar. It is silver with a green tinge, and can be fitted with a Float System backpack. Similarly, the Machinegun(custom hand gun) is located ontop the left arm, and the slash harken located on the left side of the torso.
    Standard Weapons: Slash Harken × 1
    ----------------------------Katen Yaibatou × 1(lit. "Revolving-Blade Sword")
    ----------------------------Custom Hand Gun x1
    Wielded Weapons: Optional Recoilless Rifle × 1
    Equipment: Landspinner propulsion system
    -----------------Optional Air Glide Wing System
    -----------------Radiation wave shield
    -----------------Anti-Projectile Barrier
    -----------------Cockpit Ejection System

    Note: The Radiation wave shield was put into mass use once it became feasible to mass produce them. The Anti-Projectile Barrier was also strengthened and the Katen Yaibatou was replaced with store-able full version of it.

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