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    School Confusion Frenzy, School at War?


    Re: School Confusion Frenzy, School at War?

    Post  Strike-Zero on Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:23 pm

    "Proximity Missiles?" half-mused Sonia. She switched targets over to shooting down the missiles aimed at her, halting only when activating her Blaze Luminous, shielding off the last of the missiles. "That wasn't too bad..."

    Kinata took the same actions as Sonia, but mixed in her own missiles to decrease the number that would impact on her Blaze Luminous. "That wasn't something on the other one that's on record is it?"

    "No it's not," replied Sonia. She double checked the distance of the Arkice to Eternal. "We'll have to see if that giant can distract it, at least long enough anyways."


    The Arkice began decellerating as the autopilot program matched up the distance. The knightmare began going down to one knee and lowering its hand so that its pilot could climb into it. The cockpit also opened up in preparation. The knightmare finally landed, just a step away from Eternal, who swiftly scaled it and jumping into the cockpit, slamming one arm into the switch to close the cockpit, while slipping the activation key into the slot to start up the rest of the knightmare's operation. "Well then let's get going," muttered Eternal.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:43 pm

    Using the two other knightmares as a distraction, Cirus maneuvers behind the Red Knightmare and opens up the anti-tank missile launchers and SAMs, taking up a position where they could all aim properly and firing them all at once. "Take that!" He then picks one of the anti-knightmare missles off of his shins and aims it, priming it before launching that, too. He times it so that the red knightmare should juuust be lowering his guard after the first salvo, just in time for this to hit...

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:02 pm

    An alarm went off from the druid system in the cockpit of the red knightmare. "What?!" the pilot screamed as she looks over at the incoming missile. "No fair!! All of you are cheating!!"

    She started the druid system started the absolute defense territory as the missile neared. Bright red, hexagonal shields came up. However, due to her flight over here, it wasn't going to stay up lively for long.

    "Damn it!! Looks like I have to plant some roots. These flies are more annoying than I thought!!" she yelled to herself.

    The knightmare backed up with the shield still up and operated two slash harkens to anchor on the ground below near the big knightmare. "Now, go Camellia!! Time to bloom!!"

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:00 pm

    "Cheating, you say? You were threatening the school. Something that could be, more or less, considered an act of war. And, besides... there were no rules established." Cirus shakes his head before noting the anchors that were shot into the ground. She's got an Absolute Defense Territory system, too...

    "Cirus, she's up to something..." Regan advises from the co-pilot's seat, watching the red Knightmare closely. "You'd better do something quick."

    "I know, I know!" Cirus growls back. His knightmare lifts its right palm, the shutter in the center opening to reveal the lens in the center. "No chance!" It charges for but a moment before unleashing a beam of golden light at the knightmare. Because it is concentrated energy, it travels quite fast. Speed of light fast, in fact. Or nearly so. There would be no chance to react after it was fired.

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:59 pm

    The red KMF was still connected to the ground.

    "Camellia..." her voice deepening, "Stay still."

    The impact was very shaky, but the Absolute Defense Territory still shined a blood dull. It disappeared, and the Knightmare glides across the ground. "I'm tired of playing..." the pilot muttered. The right arm was extended again, grabbing the giant's leg. "Good bye."

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:12 pm

    Kinata banked right hard, just barely escaping being caught in Cirtus's line of of fine. "Any idea what was that?" She was still calm since her life wasn't in danger from that, at worst that hit would've taken the left arm.

    "Seemed like a sort of radiation wave type weaponry," commented Sonia. She withdrew from the red KMF, putting more distance between them. "Orders commander?"

    "Kinata, engage but do not destroy the red one, let the giant one handle the tough job. Sonia and I will go and pick up Latune and Shishuku. We'll proceed to capture the red one after that." Eternal accelerated the Arkice to full speed, with its float unit fully activated, but stayed on the ground, using the float unit as a accelerator. He picked out Shishuku's comm. signal and headed towards it, she was at the school warehouse.

    "Yes, My Lord." Sonia followed after him, descending and following after Eternal. She kept watch on the red KMF and the giant one as she did so, recording the data for later use.

    Kinata noticed the red KMF's rapid descent, aimed at the footing around the giant KMF, and fired. She proceeded to follow that up by spraying cover fire with the Gunlink's pair of assault rifles.


    Shishuku and Latune had hid themselves in the warehouse during the confusion, as the students had seemingly decided to go on a Britannian hunting spree.

    Shishuku looked out a window and spotted the Arkice coming their way. I hope they get here before the mobs do anyways. The timing is just too coincidental it almost seems scripted by someone. Then again it does seem like pure coincidence more than a plan since they haven't found us yes.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:19 pm

    "Rrg!" Cirus growls and tries to kick her off before raising the left arm, deploying the arm blades before taking a swipe at the hand gripping his leg, using a backward swipe and using the momentum to reach down for the red KMFs head, the shutters still open as he charges up for another blast, his hand descending on her as it does. "Rest well." He fires, though the KMF could have taken the opportunity to get out of the way of his aim.

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:37 pm

    "I'm not that easy, honey!" she yelled back. The left hand shot up to activate the radiation wave shield up to the incoming attack from the blade. Still grabbing on to the leg and activating the radiation shield, she steers the energy to the right arm to engage the radiation surger.

    Bright red waves escaped the right hand of doom, trying to take down the giant.

    "Crap... I have to finish soon. I won't be able to go on like this for long..." she muttered as she checked the energy meter.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:11 pm

    "Damn!" Cirus growls and ejects the leg before the damage could spread, reaching down to grip that arm with his right, using his left to grab for the other arm. "You'll pay for that!" The vulcan cannons he has installed in the head fire off at the red KMF, aiming or the head to do some damage, the ones in the arms also opening and firing. "Regan, arm the other missile."

    "Aye." Regan nods and starts tapping away at console controls, the remaining anti-KMF missile in the remaining leg arming before Cirus raises that leg and kicks at the KMF, pushing off of it and letting go with his hands as the missile fires.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:05 pm

    Kinata sprayed a bit more cover fire at the red Knightmare before breaking off after Eternal and Sonia. She kept her eye out on the status of the red Knightmare and the giant Knightmare in case she needed to halt the red Knightmare from coming after them.

    "Comon." Shishuku ran out the door of the warehouse, swinging the door open with sheer force as she left the place. Latune hurried after Shishuku, making sure to not trip as she ran.

    "Sonia, transfer over and give it to Shishuku." Eternal braked the Arkice and braced for the sudden halt. He lowered the knightmare to ground level, opened up the cockpit, and hit the public comm.. "Shishuku, take the Gunlink."

    "Yes, My Lord." Sonia braked and lowered her Gunlink simultaneously. She took a quick look at the calculations on her braking. "This will work quite well." She ejected a diskette from the Gunlink as she opened the cockpit. She hurried out of the cockpit, scrambled down the arm of the Gunlink, and broke into a dead run for the Arkice.

    Latune scurried up the arm of the Arkice like a rabid mouse fleeing from a monstrous kitty. She dropped herself right into the Arkice's co-pilot seat and opened up the spare, added, compartment off to the side and made stuffed herself into it, as best she could while keeping herself angled so that she could provide some support.

    Sonia dropped in a moment after Latune did. Sonia closed the cockpit from the co-pilot controls and slid her diskette into the co-pilot's control system. She then directed her attention towards checking the situation, just catching sight of the radiation wave surger. "That red one as a radiation wave type weapon."

    Shishuku climbed into the Gunlink and immediately took flight, closing the cockpit as she did so. She blinked upon hearing that the red KMF had a radiation wave surger. That's not going to bode well for those two if they fail to eject that leg. She aimed to take aim at the red KMF's arm with the radiation wave surger, knowing fully well that even if it hit it would be too late to save the leg.

    Eternal took flight as Sonia dropped into the cockpit, and turned to join the battle. A radiation wave surger huh, this makes things worth it now. This one might really be worth catching after all then. He closed the public comm. and pulled the Arkice off the ground, finally taking flight.

    Shishuku and Kinata formed up behind Eternal in a v shaped formation with Eternal in the lead.

    Eternal spoke in a firm tone, finally getting serious. "Mission Start!"

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:22 pm

    The red KMF was busy trying to destroy the giant. "Stop... struggling!!" she yelled from the cockpit. She was holding on to dear life on the explosive leg, but hearing small fire from behind gave her a warning. But immediately after that, she felt the impact of the shot from the giant by the blade and missile. The animal head and the shoulders were damaged harshly.

    "What's that?" she thought, "Aah! You maggot!! How... how dare you!!"

    The pilot pushed a manual switch that operated the intensity of the right hand of doom. The radiation wave darkened into a black wave. God knows what happened within that surge of black. However... it only took the leg. The giant was still struggling as it tries to land attacks.

    "Dammit... You really are a pain"

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:59 pm

    "Good to see I landed some hits..." Cirus grins to himself, though he dreads the work he'll have to do when he takes this thing back... with a leg missing, it wouldn't be able to stand properly on the ground. Joyous... He'll have to make an upgrade or two, as well, so that he wouldn't be so helpless against an Absolute Defense Territory...

    He gets the rifle off the back of his remaining leg before firing upon the Knightmare, figuring he could at least try and wear her down a bit before she comes at him again.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:15 am

    Eternal raised an eyebrow at the hits landed on the red knightmare. So it couldn't fend off those hits huh. That could mean that... "Sonia, calculate the approximate amount of power it takes to maintain the ADT and the Radiation Wave Shielding on that Knightmare." Eternal locked on and fired two shots from the VARIS HT. He took evasive action just in case.

    "Possibly the pilot isn't that fast at operating the Druid System or else he has a plan. It wouldn't make sense to take that much beating to conserve power." Sonia brought up a cross reference on the radiation wave surger. "It doesn't seem to be a ranged type radiation weapon...but I could be wrong."

    "I see. Shishuku, Kinata!" shouted Eternal.

    Shishuku and Kinata opened fire with a barrage of missiles from all four missile launchers on both of their Gunlinks. Shishuku had switched to the sniper rifle and took aim while the missiles were launched, and sniped at the arm with the radiation wave surger. Kinata continued to press down with her dual assault rifles.

    "Kinata, switch to support, Shishuku cover fire!" barked Eternal. He stored the VARIS HT while accelerating, and drew both VES. Time for close quarter combat then.

    "Ok," affirmed Kinata. She switched to her Gunlink's sniper rifle and began taking careful aim as she wasn't as good at sniping as Shishuku was, after all the latter had more experience and skill than her.

    "Count on it." Shishuku fired off two more shots at the radiation wave surger, bringing up the shots total to three, and stored the sniper rifle. She drew both assault rifles while readying the needle blazers. She opened fire with the assault rifles as Kinata fired her first shot, aimed at the left leg of the red knightmare.

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:36 am

    With all four enemies attacking her from all sides, the pilot exhales and sits in the cockpit in despair. "What do I do!" she slams her hand on the seating. "If I use the druid system, I can't do much after that and it's just counting down to my death. If I attack, my defenses can't stay up and I suffer from a lot more damage. Wait! If I do this... that's it!!!"

    The red KMF tries to stand straight and gets in position despite the barrage. The KMF brought up the left hand towards the three incoming, and points the right to the giant. "I will not go down in such a pathetic way!" she screamed and fired both arms, creating both defense and attack. She also activated the last barrage of proximity missiles and chaos mines, flying in all directions hoping to collide with other incoming arsenals.

    But with that last desperate move, the KMF started to jerk. A knee collapsed onto the ground below, and the limbs dropping suddenly as they clash against the sides. It couldn't stand any longer and ran out of power. A flashing light from the chest, shoulders, and flight wing tips glowed a bright white. It shone as bright as it could so that all sides saw that the red KMF was out.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:40 pm

    Cirus raises both of his own arms in response to seeing her raise her towards him. He charges his beams and fires them both off at the same time to counter the incoming attack with his own beam weapons. It -should- work, the clash of two energy weapons should... well, he isn't sure what will happen. Explosions? Compacting of energy into matter? He won't be -hit-, at least... which is a relief.

    And then the other knightmare ran out of power. Huh. Cirus halts his countermeasure to the beam and lowers his hands. He lowers to the ground, though he doesn't turn off the flight unit. "Regan, I need to get out of here and find somewhere I can work on this thing before it runs out of power, too. Your swords over there." The cockpit opens and Regan hops out, landing and rolling with a sword now on her hip, as Cirus lifts and flies off.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:59 pm

    Eternal sighed and shook his head. A list ditch defensive offensive eh. If it's that desperate then we should be able to snag its pilot. "Sonia. Shishuku."

    "Right." Sonia keyed in the activation code for activating all five simultaneously. She sighed in disappointment at the lack of data gleamed from the short struggle the red knightmare put up.

    "Roger." Shishuku fired off a counter barrage with her missiles, while spraying fire at the attack the proximity missiles, emptying all her remaining missiles in the process.

    "Kinata, Shishuku, keep an eye out for other strays," said Eternal. He stopped the Arkice near the red knightmare and opened the cockpit, hurrying out of it. "Latune, take the controls." Eternal jumped straight down onto the ground from the cockpit and hurried over to the red knightmare, climbing his way up the knightmare.

    Latune pushed herself out of the side container and hurried into the main pilot's seat as Sonia closed the cockpit. She lifted the knightmare off the ground and held position while Sonia kept an eye out on things.

    Kinata hovered nearby the Arkice, keeping an eye on the other side/end of things. She disliked having to rely on the sights of her radar to keep an eye out for hostiles, it wasn't always accurate and was easy to forget that the FoF could be disabled and an ambush launched, just like how Zero used to do things when using captured knightmares back again Britannia.

    Eternal drew his double bladed rifle and pointed it at the cockpit. "Open up and surrender peacefully and you will be treated under fair and just custody.

    Re: School Confusion Frenzy, School at War?

    Post  Raven Mikako on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:46 pm

    The red pilot was bent forward with a fist already slammed against controls. Lights were blinking within the crimson cockpit, and deep breaths of anger were exasperated.

    "I'm... I'm sorry Camellia... I've failed to make you bloom.. I'm so sorry..." she mumbled.

    After hearing the voice from the other pilot, she pondered for a few moments. "It'd be pointless to fight," she thought, "I have to... have to... ah... AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" she cried out as the surrender finally sunk in.

    Another slam to controls was loud enough to be heard outside. The cockpit jerked with a loud click and slowly opened upward, revealing red interior. The pilot, dressed in bright red and gold, slowly stood up from her seat. Long black hair was carried with wind, and her face covered in a visor. Looking up, her eyes were hidden and a deep frown engraved in the pale face.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:12 am

    Eternal looked down at the female pilot. So this was the source of the attack? What a pain in the rear, a single Black Knight pilot giving us a run for our money. He took out a cuff from a spare pocket and looked at the pilot with a glance that said what his actions meant: 'hands out and be handcuffed peacefully or else'.

    Shishuku took a peek at the giant knightmare from out a side screen while carrying out her current task. She shook her head at the sight of the giant knightmare. Size isn't everything you know, after all some things are better off smaller, like knightmares. Oh well each to their own.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:58 pm

    Regan makes her way over to the red Knightmare and climbs up it, herself, peeking into the cockpit next to Eternal. "Cirus isn't gonna be happy, y'know. He put a -lot- of work into that, and you had to go and take the leg off... if he ever sees you again, be ready." She huffs and she stands up next to Eternal. "I find it odd that she would attack by herself, though... usually, one doesn't send in a lone Knightmare, though she -is- formidable, I'll grant her that... don't you think?"

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:45 pm

    The red pilot put her hands up slowly as the two stood above her in the cockpit. The frown was still engraved on her face, but her head did look up when Reagan came about and started talking about her. She didn't take it kindly that people other than she knew were touching the Camellia. She just stood there quiet as he hands continued to stay up for cuffs.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:54 pm

    "Depends on how you look at it Regan," said Eternal while slapping on the cuffs quickly. "Let's get going now then Missus." He nudged the pilot in the direction down the knightmare as he picked out his communicator and put it on. "Latune, go replace our driver. Sonia, take the it back to the ship and provide cover for us from there. Kinata, Shishuku both of you as well," said Eternal as he waited for the pilot.

    Latune landed the Arkice back down, opened the cockpit and hurried on out of it. She ran over towards the car, same as earlier, that had came to pick them up.

    Sonia closed the cockpit and took flight as soon as Latune touched the ground. She, Kinata, and Shishuku began flying in formation and ascending back towards the Nightingale.

    Aldan mused over the data sent by Sonia back to the Nightingale. He had picked out a member of engineering who knew how to navigate air cruisers. "You heard the Commander, take her in steadily and provide them cover. Don't drop altitude, there's no need for unnecessary safety risks."

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:38 pm

    "Aand... they're gone..." Regan sighs softly, hanging her head before peeking inside the red KMF. She wonders if there's at least enough juice left to run communications, anyway, and climbs inside, poking around at the cockpit controls. "COMMs, COMMs... where are the COMMs...? Ah, here they are..." Click. Anything?

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    Post  Raven Mikako on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:17 pm

    The pilot follow suit as she was being motioned forward.

    "I wonder what's gonna happen. If HE finds out..." she pondered as she stood for a moment.


    As Reagan pushed the communicator static just sounded for a moment and turned off.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:29 pm

    "Hm. Ah well." Regan shrugs and climbs back out. She thought maybe she could talk to Cirus, but apparently not. Oh well, she'll just have to find something else to do. She hops down to the ground again and looks around, wondering where Latune went or something... someone... Hm.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:14 pm

    Eternal ignored what the prisoner said. He nudged her in the direction of the car, following after her. At least she understands her current situation. "Aldan, have the regular military go and retrieve the red knightmare."

    Latune knocked on the driver's door and motioned for the driver to get out. The driver didn't need any additional prompting and exited the car, holding the door open for Latune until she got in and then closed the door afterwards. Latune backed up the car, turned, and drove towards Eternal and the prisoner. She swerved the car to put the right side of the car so Eternal and the prisoner could board faster.

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