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    School Confusion Frenzy, School at War?


    School Confusion Frenzy, School at War?

    Post  Strike-Zero on Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:35 pm

    A car pulled up alongside the Academy. First known as Ashford Academy, then Zero Academy, and now Ashford Academy again. It was like suffering an identity crisis. The car stopped outside one of the school buildings, and three doors opened. Shishuku Ai Kanasuki and Latune Fornia got out of the car and closed the door after them and glanced over at the third open door.

    Eternal Nacht Ritter stepped out of the car last, and closed the door. He looked over at the Academy building and sighed. It's been a while since I've actually went anywhere in Japan while off combat duty. He felt a tug at his sleeve and turned to look. Latune pointed across the campus with her free hand while directing her attention to him.

    "Why didn't we dress in uniform," asked Latune. Her hair swayed in the wind as the car pulled away and left.

    "We're not in the same attire simply because we have to be ready at all times," said Eternal. "It'd be bad if we weren't in time to resolve problems."

    "Oh." Latune looked away, slightly red in the face. She scurried away in a hurry and nearly crashed into the school building instead. Shishuku had grabbed her by the collar of her dress, nearly tipping her over backwards instead. "Sorry."

    "Let's get going then, wouldn't want to be late for the first day of class no?" said Eternal. He took to the lead, with Shishuku and Latune falling in line behind him. Well it'd be nice to be in a normal school for once, for all of us. It'd be nice if Latune made a friend or two, it'd help her open up to others. They entered the school building and headed down the corridor towards Latune's classroom. "Well don't cause any trouble Latune ok? Just relax and enjoy your stay."

    Latune nodded in response and looked up straight ahead. She ran her hand through her hair, blinked, and turned to see Shishuku staring at her. They arrived at a T junction in the corridor, and halted. Latune walked towards the left arm a bit and turned to face Eternal and Shishuku. "I'll be fine..."

    "If you need anything we'll be right across the hall," said Shishuku. She headed down the right arm of the junction and entered the first room she came across.

    "Everything'll be ok," said Eternal reassuringly. He strode down the corridor in the direction Shishuku went, but continued on past the door Shishuku entered.

    Latune hurried down her side of the corridor, and swerved, nearly colliding into the door of the classroom she was supposed to be in. She opened the door and her jaw nearly dropped, but she kept it shut and buried her surprise. From what it looked like, the class had seemingly decided to arm themselves in a aggressive manner of sorts and were poised to strike at whoever entered that didn't fit their group and the teacher was nowhere in sight. It didn't help that it was still fifteen minutes before class. "Um hello?"

    "Get outta here you Britannian scum!" shouted some of the students. Others began advancing forward with the weapons they held. Some began throwing things at Latune.

    Latune backed out of the room, colliding into the wall on the other side in her effort to avoid being hit. She scrambled to the right, to avoid being hit and in case she did need to run all the way down the other end. She sighed and shook her head. I was right after all, things just don't turn out the way you hope they would.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:52 pm

    As the new Britannean students were arriving, Regan was reading a book, waiting for class to start. Her guardian isn't too far from her, minding his own in the back, fiddling with something. It was peaceful so far, they were just waiting for their teacher to show up, when suddenly some sort of commotion starts up.

    Regan looks up from what she had been reading and sighs softly, shaking her head. "That's no way to act." She glares at her classmates. "Judgmentally discarding her as another piece of scum from Britannea just because of her heritage. For all you know, she could be a sympathizer. Besides, look at the example your setting of our people." The busty girl rises from her seat and heads out into the hall, poking her head out first and lifting her hands to show she has nothing to throw or otherwise hurt her with. "I'm sorry about my classmates. They're quick to judge..."

    She steps out into the hall then and approaches her, smiling gently. "My name's Regan, Regan Hiryuu. Pleased to meet you." -Someone- has to act civilized around here, anyway... may as well be her.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:00 pm

    Latune looked up at Regan for a split second, and then lowered her head and hesitated before straightening up, pushing herself off the ground to stand up. She backed away a little from Regan. "You shouldn't...um...get involved..."

    Shouting emminated from the classroom and two others down the hall.

    Eternal shook his head and sighed. At least they have the common sense to not attack someone who's better armed than them. Then again, I think some people will end up hospitalized by Shisuhku but what am I worrying about. I just hope Latune can make a friend or two, but it doesn't seem possible with their reaction.


    Shishuku sighed and stepsided a pair of spiteful students, letting them crash head-on into each other. What a pain, it wasn't like this before, but it's gotten so bad, the tolerance for others. It's so much like how certain nobles treat numbers. She spun and struck two others simultaneously on the back, careful as to not hit them too hard, but still enough to knock them out with pain. She turned to face the rest of the class, who seeing their buddies lose, had seemingly lost interest in the activity.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:09 pm

    Regan looks down the hall and sighs softly. Looks like the other students were just as thick headed as her own class. "Nonsense. I -am- involved, it's my classmates. C'mon, now..." She turns back to the girl and offers her her hand. "Come. I'll shield you... and make sure the class doesn't pick on you or anything. I promise. 'kay? They're just bein' a bunch of idiots, anyway. If they want any respect, they should act with dignity..." She turns toward the classroom, though she still holds her hand out toward the girl, her eyes warm and welcoming.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:29 pm

    Latune raised her head and looked at Regan and then at her offered hand. She glanced back at Regan and took the offered hand. I wonder if this is what they meant, or is it? She relaxed and calmed down, finding reassurance in Regan's words. "Th-th-thank you," stammered Latune. She squeezed down on Regan's hand, in a manner befitting a scared kitty grabbing on for dear life. Her face reddened as she realized it, but just simply couldn't help herself. Without realizing it she had already tensed up again by reflex and habit.


    Shishuku peeked out of her room and at the pair and smiled. She pulled her head back into the room and ducked, on instinct, leaving two boys who had the nerve to strike from behind her back to miss, and decked them in return for their rudeness. They're way too young to pull that off, not after the how many times that's happened to me in practice. She glared at the rest of the class, with one that gave the 'don't-bug-me-or-else'.


    Eternal looked on out of the classroom he was in, as he decided to wait for the teacher at the door of the classroom. Well well well, how nice of that girl to help her out. He noticed Shishuku ducking back into her room. Well then, looks like somebody learned something from all those painful lessons. He shook his head and laughed a little at the sight. He watched on, keeping his ears open in case any mischievous boys decided to take a shot at him.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:39 pm

    Regan smiles softly and leads the girl back into the room, placing herself between the students and her. "Will everyone behave now?" She narrows her eyes at them, scanning the room. "I'd rather have to avoid retaliating myself..."


    "Shut up, Cirus, I can handle this myself." She glances at him before her eyes turn back to the class. "Any objections, or will you all be civil?"

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:15 pm

    Latune trailed after Regan, following her like a scaredy-cat. Latuned moved in closer to Regan than necessary when Regan stopped. The class shut up, and died into a eerie silence, but all eyes were on Regan now. There were several dark glares from the boys, the ones who were, were also the loudest ones who yelled at Latune. A few other students swore silently, but their face were visible. One by one they gave in and settled down, though the tension in the air remained.

    The teacher calm strolling down the hall, obviously stalling for time. She neared the classroom, whereas two others had either entered their classroom or was just about to.

    Shishuku turned to face the teacher who entered the class and looked left and right at the bodies on the ground. "They're not dead, just unconscious. They attacked me and I only knocked them out in self defense."

    The teacher shook his head and sighed. He turned to the class and introduced Shishuku, full name and nationality only, along with a side note that she would only be in class from time to time.

    Shishuku ignored the teacher and headed on over to a empty seat, disregarding if it were a taken seat who's occupant was one that she had knocked out.

    The teacher directed three or so students to help their unconscious classmates out of the class and to the infirmary.


    Eternal turned to face the teacher and greeted him. He reassured, or tried to, convince him that everything was fine.

    The teacher obviously wasn't very convinced, having noticed the weapons on Eternal. The teacher continued on and introduced Eternal, full name, nationality, and rank as a Representative Knight of Rounds.

    The class met the news with mixed reactions. The boys gapped in both stupidity and horrorfied expression; whereas the girls attentions were drawn to him, both good and bad.

    Eternal sighed and went to take a seat at the way back of the room, hurrying in haste as to get things over with. What a pain, and I didn't think that they'd also file that in as a side 'bonus'.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:23 pm

    Regan smiles softly at Latune and leads her to a seat next to her, letting her take a seat and assuring her she'd protect her. "Just stick with me and you'll be fine, 'kay?" She nods to the girl before taking her own seat, waiting for their class teacher to make an appearance. Better get here soon... Maybe cut some of the tension in the air? At least the students are taking her advice and acting civil now...

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:42 pm

    Latune sat down at the offered seat, keeping her head down, but in Regan's direction. She tried to smile a little to lighten the mood, but quickly stopped as it made no difference.

    Sakimi Yamoto, the teacher of Regan and Latune's class, sighed as she got to the door. She put on a calm and relaxed expression and opened the door. She entered and scanned the class for the new student. "Hello class, I see you've all met our transfer student." The class remained silent, and the mood grew tenser. "Can you please come up here for a moment?" asked Sakimi. She sighed as she received her response which composed of Latune shaking her head and clinging towards Regan even more. "Her name is Latune Fornia. She will be with us on and off for the rest of the year."

    Tension began to dissipate upon hearing that Latune would only be in class on and off. A student straightened up and asked, "Then why doesn't she have to dress the same as us, special privilege?"

    "She's supposed to be ready to leave at a moment's notice," replied Sakimi. Why can't they make my job any easier, it's as hard enough as it is getting them to calm down at the site of a Britannian joining the class due to the invasion. "Well if there's any other questions, ask them now. I am not answering any questions regarding this later."

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:09 pm

    Regan giggles softly at the girl as she clings closer, sliding an arm around her protectively, to offer her some security. "There, there..." She coos gently, running a hand Latune's hair. "Easy, now." She looks between the teacher and the classmate that speaks up about her garb, frowning a bit. Leave at a moment's notice? The only reason she could think that would be the case would be... if she works for their government. But she's far too timid to be a fighter. Negotiator?

    "So, Latune-chan, why is it you have to be able to leave so quickly?" She tilts her head curiously, figuring she may as well ask and find out. Why not, right? If she -is- a negotiator or something like that, then all the more reason to make a good impression on her and have her sympathize with them...

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:43 pm

    Latune felt reassured as Regan ran her hand through her hair. The words were comforting, when she didn't know anyone else there. "Um..." Latune hesitated. Is it ok or is it not ok to tell her... But isn't she involved already now. But should I tell her the full extent or...Her voice dropped to a low tone, enough for Regan to hear, or at least that was the idea. "Erm...to he-help out and pr-provide su-support...." Latune faltered and hugged Regan. "Th-they said ci-civil-ian schools we-were a-a fun pl-place..."

    Sakimi looked around the class and didn't see any students asking any questions. She noticed Regan next to Latune. That's a relief, at least someone is willing to put up with her. She began taking roll, following up with the lecture afterward.


    Shishuku sighed as the teacher began lecturing. Oh great, I stand out already and it was just all over self defense. It doesn't matter, as long as nothing goes wrong during our brief stays. Then again, I somehow doubt that. The teacher flinched as his eyes met hers. At least it'll be obvious enough if something's wrong.


    Eternal glanced out of the window. It's surprising how peaceful things can be at a school with all this going on. He turned back to look at the blackboard, hardly paying any attention to the lecture. Oh he's avoiding me...then again most of the class is glaring or staring at me... How nice of them, this mean I'm going to just have to leave the room during lunch...

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:54 pm

    "Help out and provide support..." Regan frowns softly, rubbing her chin. Well, that certainly left things open to interpretation. The only reason she could think of that a Britannean would even come to a school here in Japan (she refuses to acknowledge it as Area Eleven) is because they're sympathizers, and even this would be a bit extreme, they've been exciled, which isn't the case here because of the reason she has to be able to leave so quickly, or military. The last one makes the most sense, but she won't be jumping to conclusions. Besides, who's military?

    "I see. Alright, I suppose I can take that for an answer." Regan smiles softly and nods to her, keeping her close and continuing to stroke her hair to comfort her.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:57 pm

    Latune started dozing off, with Regan's comforting, and comfortable, hand in grasp. The rhythmic stroking over her hair by Regan seemed like a smoothing atmosphere that she bathed in. She drifted off into quite sleep.

    Sakimi continued on with the lecture, and ignored Latune's sleeping state. It would do her some good to just sleep it off, and Regan doesn't seem to mind it that much so it should be fine. The lecture breezed by quickly, and uneventfully, as did the classes preceeding lunch. The came lunch, a break from the unevenfulness.
    The moment lunch began, Shishuku hurried out of her classroom, nearly running over another student in the process. She slowed down a bit and apologized before continuing on, towards Eternal's classroom.

    "Shishuku, where'd you think you're going?" said Eternal. He had just walked past Shishuku's classroom during the time in which she slowed down and apologized.

    "Eh, I thought we were meeting in yours," replied Shishuku. "Ah, right. Because of 'that' right?"

    Eternal nodded and continued towards Latune's classroom, leaving Shishuku behind as she turned and hurried after him. Eh, I stand out too much, and their far too cautious than they should be. At least that means they're not going to block my path. He stopped at the door of Latune's classroom and opened it. Shishuku peered out from behind him, spotted Latune and waved in her direction.

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:09 pm

    Aww, she's even more adorable when she's sleeping... Regan smiles warmly at her and holds her close, leaning back when the teacher isn't looking and letting Latune use her bosom as a pillow. They're pillowy and soft, she shouldn't know the difference between them and the best pillow ever. As lunch period arrives, Regan straightens up and shakes the girl gently to wake her, smiling warmly at her. "Latune-chan, it's time for lunch..." She coos to her gently, trying to rouse her slowly.

    She looks over at the doorway as it opens and smiles softly. "Your friends are here, Latune-chan... At least, I think they're you're friends. I would guess so..." She strokes the girl's cheek, smiling at her warmly. Such an adorable girl.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:44 pm

    The class froze at the sight of a armed person, Eternal, standing at the classroom door. Half in dumbstruck horror and half in just plain disbelief that anyone would be allowed to bring weapons to class and display them so bluntly. The class resumed what they were doing a moment later, having been unable to figure out what they should make of the situation.

    Latune mewed a little in response to the cooing, but was still asleep. She moved in her sleep to hug Regan, while snuggling her head on Regan's bosom.

    Eternal smiled as he spotted Latune, or more appropriately, Regan. How nice of this girl. He strode on over to Regan and Latune, with Shisuhku tailing him. Looks like she made a friend already. In that case we shouldn't be so rude as to not introduce ourselves. He halted after reaching Regan and Latune, did a quick half bow to Regan, and Shishuku followed suit. "Hello there missus. I thank you for taking care of Latune. I am Eternal Nacht Ritter, and this here is Shishuku Ai Kanasuki." He paused for a moment so Regan could take it in before continuing. "And you are?"

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:58 pm

    Cirus rises as he, too, spots the cause of the commotion. An armed student? He frowns softly, his eyes narrowing, and he rises, himself, heading down to take a position nearer Regan. "Surely, a weapon isn't necessary..." He eyes Eternal cautiously, though makes no remarks or any other rude gestures. Merely cautious.

    Regan looks at Cirus and then blushes a bit as Latune seems to enjoy the comfort of her bosom. "Heh..." She cuddles her close, smiling warmly and going back to stroking the girl's hair. "Hehe..." She smiles at her before noticing the other two Britaneans on approach. "I see... you must be her comrades." She uses that word on purpose, to probe their identity, searching for a reaction. It was disguised as a mere play on words, of sorts. The Ruskies, ever so long ago, when they -existed-, used to call each other that all the time, at least among friends and allies. "I am Regan Hiryuu. Forgive me for not rising to bow... Latune-chan seems rather... comfortable at the moment."

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:17 pm

    Shishuku spots Cirus moving closer and proceeded over to 'greet' him. She replied for Eternal, "Well it depends really, if you're in territory that can be considered hostile and thus put your life at risk wouldn't it be reasonable to carry something on hand to defend yourself? After all, aren't you here for the same purpose?"

    "Her adopted family, or so more like it," replied Eternal casually. That was the truth in its own way, but then again it was the so called more civilian way to put things. "That's a nice name you have," complimented Eternal. Oh? I see, that's fine. It's a rare sight after all. She rarely does this at home." Hm...I don't think I need to mention that last part. "Do you mind showing us around the place later? And I'm sorry for imposing on you but can you look after Latune for us if we have to get going later while she's out?" Eternal looked over at Shishuku and finally noticed Cirus. "I take it he's someone you know?"

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 7:27 pm

    "That may be why I am here, but I don't parade my weapons around like that..." Cirus eyes the gun warily, it makes him nervous. "It would be better to conceal it while having it approved to be carried at the same time, that way, you minimize disturbance among the student populace and the figures of authority that need to know aren't alarmed to find someone armed..." He sighs softly and shakes his head. "It also causes trouble for someone of my occupation, to find someone armed he didn't know would be armed... It alarms me, raises my defenses and makes me... a little... paranoid, shall we say. You understand my position, yes? I am here to ensure Hiryuu-sama's safety..."

    Regan smiles softly and nods to Eternal, continuing to cuddle the girl. "I'd be happy to, she's just so adorable. <3" She giggles softly, twirling a finger in her hair. "And, yes, I suppose I can show you around, if you want. Later, of course." She overhears Cirus and then looks to Eternal. "And Cirus has a point, too..."

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:04 pm

    "Oh it's just a deterrent," replied Eternal. He had cut off Shishuku who had turned to look to him for instructions. She did a quick bow of apology to Eternal. He waved off the importance of carrying around weapons unconcealed, and also Shishuku's need for instructions. "If I really meant to kill someone then these wouldn't be too much of a boost in things. And for that matter I already am short my usual.... what was it called...coffin of items."

    "Yes yes yes," said Shishuku in agreement. She turned back to face Cirus and spoke in mutual understanding. "I understand, but I am in turn to ensure Master-sama's safety. But I can assure you that if you Hiryuu-sama does not pose any threat or harm to my master-sama or Latune-chan then she will not be at any risk from us. That I can swear."

    Latune started to drool a little bit, but otherwise was still snuggling herself on Regan's bosom. She mewed consistently with the stroking of her hair. "Mmh..."

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:25 pm

    "Mm..." Cirus sighs and shakes his head, frowning. "Regan will stand up for her fellow students, I would warn you... so I'll likely get involved anyway..." He sighs softly, shaking his head. "She can be so troublesome somtimes..."

    Regan blinks at Latune and sighs, adjusting her a bit so she can close her mouth and get rid of the drool before letting her nestle back against her breasts. "She certainly does make herself comfortable, doesn't she...? I think she likes me." She giggles softly, looking at the girl adoringly.

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:08 pm

    "Ah I see, well that makes sense then," said Shishuku. She turned back to face Regan and Eternal. She hurried on back over to them and mused over Latune's sleeping posture.

    "It certainly looks that way. Then again she won't wake up for a time when she's like that." Eternal chuckled to himself upon seeing Latune drool. "Hm... let's see... where should we meet at then?"

    Latune hugged down on Regan's chest, or at least tried to, when Regan went to adjust her. She snuggled again after being adjusted. "So....soft....."

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    Post  Lip-Desu on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:15 pm

    "W... what?" Regan blinks at Eternal as he mentions how long she'd be out for, looking back at the girl. "Well... maybe it'd be wise to meet here after school, in that case... that'll probably be about when she wakes up, ne?" She frowns softly, though sighs and smiles in the end, cuddling the girl close. She blushes as she talks in her sleep, digging her lunch bento from her bag so she can eat while cuddling the girl against her bosom. "Mmm... I hope this doesn't happen every day she's here, though it -is- nice, I'll admit..." She starts to eat her lunch, careful not to disturb Latune.

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    "I don't think she'll be out for so...long. No I don't think is everyday she's present anyways," said Eternal. He raised his eyebrows at the sight he saw. So this is why Shishuku told me not to bring out our lunch in front of her if she's asleep like that. "I don't think that's a good idea..."

    Shishuku sighed and smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. I forgot to warn her about that. Too late for that now, as long as he(Cirus) doesn't over react and cause problems...

    Latune had raised her head a bit, mouth opened, facing Regan's chest. Her expression was one of delight at a meal, or at least that was how it looked to Eternal. Latune moved closer over and closed down on her breast with her mouth. She was still asleep.

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    Regan takes a bite of her rice, using chopsticks, blinking at the others. "What?" She tilts her head at them, raising an eyebrow, at them before taking another bite of food, this one a shrimp that she dips in shrimp sauce. "What's wrong?" She blinks at them, oblivious to what Latune's up to, though she's still asleep. It would only be at the last moment that she looks at her...

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    Post  Strike-Zero on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:53 pm

    "Oh no...," muttered the two Britannians in unison. Both were amazed at how thick Regan was at her situation.

    Latune's mouth closed down upon Regan's breast. Her face with fulfill content as she began sleep-eating Regan's breast. She hugged tighter as if making sure her meal didn't get up and runaway.

    Eternal stared at Shishuku. "Let'm guess, this happened before while you were tutoring her didn't it." He sighed as he saw her nod. "So that's where she picked up that habit from..."

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