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    The Current Situation


    The Current Situation

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:37 pm

    It is 2043 atb, 20 years since the Japanese Independence War. Britannia is bitter at it's losses to the OotBK and the USJ. The Chinese Federation is aggressively seeking to regain India and is on hostile relations with the EU, USJ, and USI.

    Britannia and the OotBK have made small forays into 8th Generation Knightmare technology. India is also on par with the OotBK as they are it's technological supporters. The rest of the world have begun developing 7th Generation KMF technology.

    Britannia had once again mobilized it's forces and took the southern half of the CSA, while also forcing the OotBK out of Japan.
    However, the OotBK took very little losses and engaged in guerrilla warfare against Britannia during their retreat.
    The EU brokered an agreement with the CSA and absorbed the reminder of the CSA into it. The EU began engaging Britannian forces along central Africa and against the Chinese Federation to the east.
    The Chinese Federation, seeking to regain lost lands and capitalize on Britannian mobilization, attacked the EU's Russian area and India, overwhelming both.
    Both Britannia and the Chinese Federation invaded the UMF from two sides. The UMF crumbled under the onslaught against Britannia and the Chinese Federation, leaving them to face off for the Middle East. The Chinese Federation followed up it's gains by taking over Australia.

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