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    Regan Hiryuu


    Regan Hiryuu

    Post  Lip-Desu on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:19 pm

    Name: Regan Hiryuu
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height(inch/feet): 5'9"
    Weight(pounds): 150, 160, somethin' like that. She works out on occasion, she's nice and soft, too~ <3
    Hair style/length: Worn straight or in a pony tail, brown, thigh length.
    Eye Color: Brown
    Occupation: Student. Capable of piloting a Knightmare.
    Allegiance: Japan~
    Beliefs/Ideals: Everyone needs to mind their own damned boundaries and stop these cursed power struggles. Give Japan back its nation!
    Rank: I unno.
    Nationality: Officially, Eleven. Mixed blood of Brittanian and Eleven.
    Nobility: Not sure if nobility still presides as
    Appearance(civilian): Aside from the school uniform, Regan can usually be found in a black shirt and jeans with black loafers for shoes, along with one of two jackets. Either her black and red one with a phoenix patch on the left chest, or a basic brown hoodie on colder days or when her other, preferred jacket is in the wash.

    She's a truly beautiful woman, somewhat wealthy from her family heritage. She has a sizable chest, soft and warm, curvy figure and a clean face. She's fit and toned, from her practice of swordsmanship, strong and yet feminine.
    Personality: Kind, loving, caring. Lesbian. *cough* She has a strong sense of justice, as well.
    History: Down her father's side of the family is a long line of swordsmen, famous and strong. A marriage to a wealthy corporation CEO is what brought money into the family, and it's stayed there with the discipline and responsibility that comes with martial arts and sword practice.

    Re: Regan Hiryuu

    Post  Strike-Zero on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:46 pm

    Approved. A wild card ^^. Very interesting belief/ideals. History could be a bit longer.

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