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    Ranking Order/Authority


    Ranking Order/Authority

    Post  Strike-Zero on Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:03 pm

    Britannian Royalty:
    1st Prince/Princess
    Rest in descending order & Emperor's preference(ie. leeway given)

    Britannian Nobility(Listed in order of rank):
    Grand Duke
    Duke (Knight of Rounds count as Duke-Knight)
    Baron (Lowest ranking member of nobility that can lead a special agency under the Emperor's orders.)
    Knight (Personal bodyguards of Princesses or Members of a Knight Order; lowest rank needed to request a audience with a member of royalty.)
    Knight of Honor (A Knight but yet not of a Princess or Knight Order)

    Order of hierarchy in Government(Governor/for a Area;Includes military authority.):
    Royalty(In order of seniority/ relinquishment of authority from older member)
    Nobility(In military, by order of rank; excludes Knights and Knight of Rounds)
    High ranking military personnel(In order of rank and seniority; Generals and such.)
    Knights(Personal bodyguards of Princesses/Knight of Rounds; Only if they take charge; Temporary measure only.)
    Home Office(In order of rank and seniority; Civil Officer and downwards.)


    Chinese Federation Officials Ranking:

    Empress(In actuality has no power and is more so a figurehead/symbolic figure.)
    High Eunuchs(A small group of men who use the Empress' power for their own. Includes military authority.)
    Regional Eunuchs(Lesser Eunuchs with power over the region they manage/control.)
    Eunuchs(The normal lot of Eunuchs with no significant amount of power nor authority.)
    High ranking Officials(By order of power and seniority.)
    Officials(By order of power and seniority.)


    Euro Universe Government Ranking:


    Euro Universe Military Command Ranking:

    Army General
    Corps General
    Divisional General(Directly from the State that that Division is from.)
    Brigade General(Directly from the State that that Division is from. Is divided into Left and Right Brigades)
    Colonel(With respect to State.)
    Lieutenant Colonel(With respect to State.)
    Major(With respect to state.)

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