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    Harmonia Zi Britannia (Area 11 Governor)


    Harmonia Zi Britannia (Area 11 Governor)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:57 am

    Name: Harmonia Zi Britannia
    Age: 33
    Gender: Female
    Height(inch/feet): 5 foot, 6 inches
    Weight(pounds): N/a(undisclosed)
    Hair style/length: Long, wavy, midnight blue hair with bangs that cover part of her round face
    Eye Color: blue eyes
    Occupation: Britannian Princess/Area 11 Governor
    Allegiance: The Emperor, her older siblings, and herself. (In that order. Excludes former royalty.)
    Beliefs/Ideals: Everyone should tell the truth, if they can, regardless of their wants. However, if they tell a truth that is a lie but were unaware of it when they said it, it is ok.
    Rank: 8th Princess
    Nationality: Britannian
    Nobility: Royalty
    Appearance: Round blue eyes (that very color depending on what she wears) with long full eye lashes, her full lips are a light red color. In contrast to her dark hair, she wears a very light blue dress.
    --Usual Attire--: The dress hugs tight to her torso from the neck and begins to open up, flows downwards and ending just above her ankles. The sleeves hug her arms until it meets her elbows, at which it then splits into a a pair of blue ribbons, that loosely crisscross in Vs all the way down to her wrists. She wears smoothed, custom blue Venetian style shoes to match the blue ribbons on her sleeves. To complete the outfit she wears a silver chain necklace that intertwines with blue ribbons, and a miniature North Star hangs from the necklace.
    --Piloting Attire--: A military attire modified to resemble her usual attire.
    Personality: Prefers everything to be as perfect as possible when possible(not perfectionist). Scatterbrained but, usually, successfully compensates for it. Blunt and difficult to not trust. Is incapable of flat out lying, but coincidentally forgets that truth and unconsciously lies when she doesn't want to disclose the truth. Outwardly, has no regrets about having lied then when that happens, but hates herself for it. Considers herself a young girl and doesn't like being called otherwise. Dislikes military outfits and refuses to wear them unless absolutely necessary.
    History: Harmonia Zi Britannia first appeared two years after the new Emperor came into power. She did well in her studies and enrolled into the military, refusing to select a personal knight as well. She performed well above average while in the military academy but also developed a dislike for the military attire. She left the military afterwards, and took up vested interest in various different fields, such as governing, management, peacekeeping, and others. Prior to the completion of the invasion of Japan, Harmonia requested permission to be the governor of the place when it was conquered. The Emperor agreed to it and sent her on her way as the invasion was about complete. She arrived shortly after everything had been put under control and in good order.

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