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    Latune Fornia (Special Sub-Character)


    Latune Fornia (Special Sub-Character)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:48 am

    Name: Latune Fornia
    Age: Appears 17, actual age unknown.
    Gender: Female
    Height(inch/feet): 5' 6"
    Weight(pounds): N/a
    Hair style/length: (Permanent?) Dyed long violet hair. Shorter parts curl away from the head in L shape. ?Normal is snowy white silver?
    Eye Color: (24/7 Contacts?)Light blue. ?Normal silver?
    Occupation: Valkyrie Special Division Pilot
    -----------------Commander's Sub-pilot/Assistant
    Allegiance: Britannia
    Beliefs/Ideals: N/a(Undecided due to amnesia)
    Nationality: Britannian
    Appearance: The picture is from four years ago.
    Personality: Kind and generous. Shy and quiet when in public places and/or outdoor/unclosed space. Prefers not to kill, or at least not seeing the victim when she has to. Hates being alone. Hates seeing blood and dead bodies when alone even more. Has murderous impulses when in the presence of blood and hostiles.
    History: Latune was adopted into the military four years ago after being found at the site of a massacre, with a weapon in hand. There were no survivors in the area and Latune herself was unconscious at the time and had no recollection of the event or for that matter any memory dating back before then. She was diagnosed with, and suffers from, amnesia.

    She never attended a civilian school but instead was enrolled in the military academy. In her first six months of adoption, she was taught to read, write and all the other basics needed to catch up to her assumed age group. By part accident she saw a knightmare in operation and took a interest in them, taking her break times to learn how to operate one. During the latter part of her sixth month, she wanted to try a stimulated battle between herself and the rest of the average or so knightmare pilots in the academy. The result was relatively one sided with her wiping them out.

    It was the same incident that drew Eternal to recruit her to join the Valkyrie Special Division. Her demonstration of he capability and potential landed her a position in the regulars. She was also taken into Eternal's "inner circle" as to substitute for her lack of a family, which has had mixed results.

    Latune's training and classes piled up as to bring her up to standard, which she didn't mind as it made adjusting to her new life easier. She picked up on things pretty fast still, but not as fast as the first six months, since she was saturated with all sorts of classes and work from the beginning of the seventh month of her adoption.

    All attempts to recover her memory to date, have had no success. Is noted to be skilled with various melee weapons, poor with rapid fire weaponry, and average with Knightmares.

    Subordinate to: Eternal Nacht Ritter.

    ---Attached file(Possible affiliation?)---

    Name: N/a
    Alias(Nickname): Shinigami/Death God/Grim Reaper (Britannian/CF/EU)
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Height(inch/feet): Same as Latune.
    Weight(pounds): Same as Latune.
    Hair style/length: N/a(various).
    Eye Color: N/a(various)
    Occupation: Criminal(Mass Murder)
    Allegiance(to whom/which country/etc.): N/a(Self?)
    Beliefs/Ideals: N/a(Unknown.)
    Rank: N/a(Unknown.)
    Nationality: Unknown.
    Nobility: N/a (none?)
    Appearance: Unknown, resembles Latune?
    Personality: Unknown, said to be insane.
    History: Completely unknown aside from various accounts of mass exterminations where she was present at. All accounts of her vary aside from height and gender. Is deadly with melee weapons,including close range combat with Knightmares. Is incapable of mid or ranged combat, including in Knightmares and cannot operate Harkens in attacks.

    Subordinate to: ???

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