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    Shishuku Ai Kanasuki


    Shishuku Ai Kanasuki

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    Name: Shishuku Ai Kanasuki
    Age: 43, appears 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet 8 inches
    Weight: Undisclosed.
    Hair style/length: Braided, floor length violet hair.
    Eye Color: Strawberry colored.
    Occupation: Ex-JLF Pilot
    -----------------Ex-BK Pilot
    -----------------Eternal's Personal/Private Assistant
    -----------------Valkyrie Special Division 1st Division Captain
    Allegiance: Eternal
    Beliefs/Ideals: All debts must be paid in full but the debt that's worth more in one's eye is more important. As long as you can fulfill the wish of whom you're dear to/towards it does not matter how they feel about you.
    Rank: Valkyrie Special Division 1st Division Captain
    Nationality: Honorary Britannian (1/5 Chinese, 1/6 Britannian, 1/8 European, rest Japanese)
    Appearance: Slim build, small bust size.
    Civilian- Wears a sleek, azure jacket with violet highlights over a strawberry shirt with white highlights. Compliments it with a azure colored pants that have violet and white highlights. Carries a pair of concealed daggers.
    Military- Wears a azure valkyrie styled outfit that has blue and white highlights. Includes same styled gloves, shoes, and jacket. Carries a pair of concealed daggers on her and a pair of concealed pistols inside the jacket.

    Original Personality: Loyal and repays her debts. Does not like owing people. Cheerful and laid back but cautious. Hardworking and focused on task(s).
    Current Personality: Completely dependent on Eternal and is faithfully loyal. Loves Eternal but refuses to admit it, citing the fact that she owes him her life for saving her. She easily gets jealous even if there's no evidence. Does not like people eating junk food but loves pizza. Wants people, usually Eternal, to eat her cooking. Modest and accepting of her situation. Easily, and often, mistakes Eternal's reason for anger and frustration and is easily distracted by praise and/or scolding. Treasures the gifts that Eternal gives her(especially the first few).
    Geass: None.

    History: She was born into a family which strived to help others without taking anything in return, while paying off any debts, which included out of good will, with equal payment. Things worked out quite well until Japan was taken over by Britnannia. During the war, both her parents were killed and she was taken in by surviving Japanese troops.

    Shishuku spent much of her time training up to standard, but switched to Knightmare piloting once the JLF began receiving Knightmares. She worked hard to give herself a good chance of obtaining one. She excelled in Knightmare combat over non-KMF combat thus landing her in a piloting position.

    During the Battle of Narita, she shot down Eternal's Knightmare, only to be forced to eject due to damage done by a stray shot which crippled her Knightmare. She ended up meeting Eternal in combat again and was easily knocked out due to the difference in skill. When she regained consciousness, she had been picked up by the withdrawing Black Knights. She joined the Black Knights as well since they had more success against Britannia than the JLF. Her next meeting with Eternal was during the JLF's last stand, after the Black Knights engaged the Britannian forces. She was forced to eject after takings heavy damage but lost consciousness while ejecting, but not before noticing Eternal's heat signature.

    She regained consciousness afterwards in the safety of her room. She was confused why an enemy would go try to save someone trying to kill them. She distracted herself from the question by throwing herself into working on her Knightmare skills.

    When the Japanese Independence War broke out, she was once again on the battlefield, and encountered Eternal again and again. Due to the difference in skill, she eliminated the rest of the unit Eternal was in each time, including Eternal, only to get shot down herself as well in the process. Shishuku pressed Eternal for an answer to why he wouldn't kill her each time since he had the upper hand outside of Knighmare combat but didn't get an answer at all. During the final battle, the unit Shishuku was apart of of was completely eliminated but she managed to hold the position until she was overwhelmed. She managed to do a bit of damage to her opponents before being shot down. But even after she ejected, they continued firing. She managed to escape her cockpit before it was destroyed but was hit by the remains of the cockpit when it when up along with being shot at by the nearby infantry.

    She was losing consciousness and had lost quite alot of blood, thus being unable to think coherently, by the time Eternal reached her. Her last thought before losing consciousness was 'looks like this is farewell'.

    Shishuku would've been shocked and bewildered when she regained consciousness later but was unable to think, thanks to the drugs that Eternal had set her on. She was also fed, changed, and bathed by Eternal to boot. During the visit to the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center, in the USJ, Eternal had lessened the drugs used thus leaving her somewhat able to think which amounted to nothing since all of her confusion and tangled emotions came into mind, leaving her in quite a wreck. However, she tried to organize her thoughts by looking through stores with Eternal ending up making some purchases of things that he thought she liked which was more or less obvious since she was swamped trying to hide her own mental wreck from him. After the trip, the drug doses were returned to their previous levels, until the end of the next month.

    When Eternal tried to rid himself of her, she refused to leave, digging herself deeper into his life, citing that she owes him her life. After being, grudgingly accepted, she willing agreed to have her citizenship changed to an Honorary Britannian and was also made Eternal's assistant to her joy. Since her Knightmare skills are superior to Eternal's, she helped him with it in the simulators while also learning combat skills outside of Knightmare combat. She commands the first division of the Valkyrie Special Division but only takes charge at times and has quite a bit of authority over the other divisions when deployed on the field.

    Her Knightmare piloting skills are what one would expect of a Knight of Three while her non-Knightmare combat skills are what one would expect of a Knight of Eleven.

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