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    Jing-Ru (Mass Produced Chinese Federation KMF)


    Jing-Ru (Mass Produced Chinese Federation KMF)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:45 pm

    Knightmare Frame Name: Jing-Ru (Refined Skull)
    Model: Chinese Federation
    Series Number: ????
    Type: Upgraded Production Model
    Specialization: Mass Production
    Height: 4.85m
    Weight: ???
    Appearance: Nearly identical to the Gun-Ru as it is only an upgrade to the Gun-Ru. However, it is superior to the Gun-Ru performance-wise in every way, more compact, and lighter. It is also equipped with built-in low attitude hover system for covering various terrains. In addition, it has been further upgraded with a anti-physical barrier. It retains the same color scheme(s) as the Gun-Ru.
    Standard Weapons: Machine Gun × 2
    Cannon × 2
    Equipment: Landspinners
    Low Attitude Hover System
    Anti-Physical Barrier
    Notes: All Gun-Ru have been replaced with Jing-Ru. The machine guns and cannons have been upgraded as well.
    It is equally cheap as the Gun-Ru due to advances in KMF technology.

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