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    Valkyrie Special Division (Britannian Special Division)


    Valkyrie Special Division (Britannian Special Division)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:42 pm

    Division Name: Valkyrie Special Division
    Allies/Sponsor/Etc: Britannia; Unofficial Knight of 13/Representative Knight of Rounds
    Leader(s): Refer to CoC 1-7

    Method(s) of Operation: Dispatches only when ordered to. Is very straight forward. All Valkyrie Speical Division Captains, along with their Commander, can mobilize whichever members they request inside their own Division.
    Their 'grunt' pilots are all 'borrowed' from the Britannian army or the infantry and do consist of Numbers and Honorary Britannians.
    All Officers and non 'grunt' pilots are all either female, including Honorary Britannians, or very hard working, and deserving, Numbers and Honorary Britannians(male).

    Base of Operation(s): Unknown, as precautionary measure. Mobile Base is the Sephira Class Air Cruiser 'Midgard'. Commander's Mobile Base is the Sephira Class Air Cruiser 'Nightingale'.

    Chain of Command: Some are tied in authority and level of command.
    ------------------1. Emperor(when he decides to)
    ------------------2. Knight of Rounds(if they chose to)
    ------------------3. Representative Knight of Rounds(if they chose to)
    ------------------4. Special Division Commander- Eternal Nacht Ritter
    ------------------5. Valkyrie Special Division Captains(1-13+)
    ------------------5. Special Division Field Commander(s)
    ------------------6. Royality(other than Emperor)
    ------------------7. Special Division Field Captain(s)
    ------------------8. Britannian Army General(s)
    ------------------8. High Ranking Valkyrie Special Division Officers (By order of seniority)
    ------------------9. Highest Ranking/Status Army Officer.
    ------------------9. Senior Valkyrie Special Division Officer (By order of seniority)
    ------------------9. High Ranking Valkyrie Special Division Pilot (By order of seniority)

    Recruitment: Recruits include Numbers and Honorary Britannians as they make good file and rank, with the reward* so juicy, compared to normal, it's enough to ensure their loyalty.
    The Valkyrie Special Division consist of female members, aside from the Numbers and Honorary Britannians(including males), who meet the requirements(unlisted).
    (Enlisted Status)The Valkyrie Special Division employs the Numbers and Honorary Britannians(including male), who do not meet the requirements or are being tested as 'grunts' along side Britannian pilots from the military and just those who want to try their luck at joining.
    *Treatment within the Division itself and by their superiors in it along with decent pay.

    Knightmare Frames: Various, based on pilot category.
    -------------- VSD* Captains-Valkyrie Series, Ark Series, V-Ark Series, and others(all custom or heavily customized Limited Production types/kinds only).
    -------------- VSD Senior/High Ranking Officers- Valkyrie Series, Ark Series, V-Ark Series, and others(all heavily customized Limited Mass Production/customized Limited Production types/kinds only).
    -------------- VSD Officers- Valkyrie Series, Ark Series, V-Ark Series, and others(all Limited Production/customized Limited Mass Production).
    -------------- VSD Regular Pilots- Valkyrie Series, Ark Series, V-Ark Series, and others(all regular types/kinds only; special/certain members can pilot customized/custom/heavily custom version of it).
    -------------- VSDivision Enlisted Pilots- Mass Production Knightmares of the Valkyrie Special Division Knightmares or Mass Production Knightmares sponsored by them(latter is for covert purposes as to hide the group's affiliation in that battle).
    *VSD is short for Valkyrie Special Division(acronym used in/on data).

    Air Cruisers: Sephira Class Air Cruiser 'Midgard'- 300meters long 125 tall and 205 meters wide. It is the flagship of the Valkyrie Special Division.
    It has a vast Knightmare storage capability and comfortable quarters. Resembles the Avalon but in a pink and white color scheme. Has excellent defenses and shielding. It has several arrays of Hadron Cannons, several arrays located per side. However, the Hadron Cannon Arrays can only be fired in small bursts that take ten minutes to recharge but can be pre-charged before battle but it still requires five minutes to fully charge the Arrays and they cannot be fired or charged while the shields are up. It's engines are extremely well shielded. It has several catapult rails which require deployment in order to use. However, it also sports five, three forward and two back, catapults which do not require deployment and are built into the ship's interior, but are concealed by hatches.

    -----------------Sephira Class Air Cruiser 'Nightingale'- 245Meters long, 80Meters tall, and 175Meters wide. It is also Eternal's Personal Flagship.
    Has a good number of missile arrays on the ship, and is heavily shield all round. It is sleek and fast but lacks many mobile turrets, and has most of it's fixed turrets geared towards the front, upwards, downwards, and rear of the ship. It's float engines and command deck are both extremely well shielded and protected but is designed to work with a small crew. It is not very combat fit compared to other Air Cruisers but is somewhat faster as if to make up for it.

    -----------------Angel Class Escort Air Cruisers(Cherubim)- Resembles the Coerleon Class but in a pink and white color scheme. Sports equally upgraded equipment across the board. Transport only models exist as well and sport internal differences, greater shielding, and fewer turrets than the Caerleon(Escort Air Cruisers).

    -----------------Archangel Class Assault Air Cruisers(Seraphim)- Resembles the Coerleon Class crossed with the Avalon but in a pink and white color schemes. Has far greater shielding but is smaller than the Coerleon Class it partly resembles. Acts as a KMF transport but lacks catapults.

    Other Forces(Non-ships/KMF): ?None? Unconfirmed.

    Organization/Operation: Deploys when ordered by anyone in the CoC 1-5.
    Organization/Operation Flaws: The chain of command can become very confusing, especially if there are conflicting orders from those in the same level of authority. Also, they draw criticism for allowing Numbers and Honorary Britannians to join and being biased on gender.

    Background Information: Originally a Special Division associated with the Geass Directorate until the end of the war, in which it was just about near completely destroyed. The Special Division was restructured and changed, under the lead of the newly appointed Representative Knight of Rounds, replacing the original name of the special division with Valkyrie.
    Most of it's lower members are all average par, when compared skill-wise with the Army, but are quite good due to the Knightmares they pilot.

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