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    Representative Knight of Rounds (Britannian)


    Representative Knight of Rounds (Britannian)

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:11 pm

    Group/Organization Name: Representative Knight of Rounds
    Allies/Sponsor/Etc: Britannia/Emperor/Royal Family/Knights of Rounds
    Leader(s): N/a (none, all members hand picked by the Emperor)
    Method(s) of Operation: Varies from each member to each other member. Subordinate to the Emperor, all members of the Royal Family, and the Knights of Rounds
    Base of Operation(s): N/a (varies)
    Chain of Command: 1. Emperor
    2. Members of the Royal Family / Knight of Rounds
    3. Themselves.
    Recruitment(how, who, why): Hand picked by the Emperor for what reasons he sees fit. Members either have shady pasts, a lack of info on them, certain skills, normal reasons(for promotion), or unknown.
    Military/Militia/Soldiers/Etc.: N/a (varies, but all have their own R&D teams)
    Knightmare Frames: N/a (varies)
    Ships: N/a (varies)
    Other Forces(Non-ships/KMF): N/a (varies)
    Organization/Operation: Relative to Chain of Command
    Organization/Operation Flaws: When the Royal Family and the Knight of Rounds give conflicting orders or multiple orders, carrying them out can cause confusion as to who to carry out what and which one takes precedence.
    Background Information: Formed soon after the new Emperor appeared and took control. It was intentionally designed to support the Emperor, and assist the Knight of Rounds. Thus it was created in a near identical match to the Knights of Rounds. They are regarded as Knight of Rounds in technicality, starting at number 13 and onwards, after the 12th Knight of Rounds. Its functions were extended to being under the authority of the Royal Family as well.
    To date, all changes, excluding their ranks, to the Representative Knights of Rounds were made during the first week of its formation. The only change after the first week was its members and their rankings. Rather than ranking by sheer 'power', their ranking is by their overall value of everything associated with them, their ability, and experience combined.

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