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    KMF Info + Battleship Info


    KMF Info + Battleship Info

    Post  Strike-Zero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:21 pm

    Knightmare Frame Info: They are called Knightmare(s) but are abbreviated as KMF. However, they are never spoken in abbreviated form. India, Britannia, and The Order of the Black Knights are the only ones with developing 8th Generation KMF technology. The rest of the world is still developing 7th Generation KMF technology. Knightmare Information.

    Small(er) KMF: The traditional range of height of a Knightmare(4m range). Is faster and has a faster response rate/reaction time than Larger KMF. They are also cheaper to produce but cannot mount large sized weapons. When using scaled down(size-wise) weapons/equipment, they use more energy due to inefficiency resulting from the scaling down of the weapon/equipment.

    Large(r) KMF: Can carry more weapons/high powered equipment without running out of energy as fast as smaller KMF with the same equipment(by the standards of scaled down weaponry/equipment). Also a easier target to hit/aim at due to size. Legs can house landspinners inside them more easily. They also, normally, have thicker armoring than Smaller KMF.

    Transforming Kightmare Frame(TKF): Versatile transformation form allows for greater performance in it's transformed state. Can transform in mid-flight/cruise.

    Knight Giga Fortress(KGF): Effectively a large Knightmare that does not resemble a traditional Knightmare and is more so like a cross between a Knightmare and a Fortress. It has excellent defense and offensive capabilities but is far harder to use by normal pilots(if at all possible). It is still under development for simpler units. The cost of one KGF is high despite the breakthroughs in KMF development and construction. They typically us metallic coating giving them heavy protection in and on all armored sections, aside from their weak point(s) when not in rapid rotation. When rapidly rotating, they are impervious to most damage but cannot change trajectory nor react quickly unless the pilot is very capable.
    However, it's strengths and weaknesses are tied to specific types/kinds of pilots, namely those who have nerve potential beyond that of a normal human. It's interface is nerve controlled, giving it both reaction on par with it's pilot's reaction time.
    Britannia has developed several Knight Giga Fortresses.

    Aerial Battleships: They are battleships equipped with float systems that enable flight. They are armed with turrets and a main gun. They have one or more launch catapults for Knightmares. Britannian models are equipped with full coverage Blaze Luminous. OotBK and India models are equipped with multiple radiation shields that provide a full coverage when deployed simultaneously and are capable of underwater operation. EU models lack shielding but are far cheaper and easier to mass produce and are also capable of underwater operation.

    Hover Fortress: Effectively a mobile battleship but is slower yet more heavily armored than Aerial Battleships. They are larger and have a superior storage bay. Cannot submerge nor flight capable. Extremely difficult to disable float systems. They have one or more launch catapults for Knightmares. First used by the Chinese Federation. Also deployed by the CSA and UMF.

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